Letters - 14-06-12

Speed camera
Speed camera
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IT’S a great shame that, once again, the police have shot themselves in the foot over speed enforcement (Gazette June 12).

Firstly, having become unwisely embroiled in speed cameras, they have felt obliged to attempt to justify their use at all costs. Despite the shallow propaganda rhetoric such as “speed kills” and “cameras save lives”, which has fooled a few into supporting their use, they are not justified by the facts.

There is absolutely no independent, authoritative evidence whatsoever that cameras have contributed to road safety.

In fact, there is circumstantial evidence that the steady decline in road casualties has flattened out since cameras were introduced, implying just the opposite.

It may well be that they have caused accidents.

Moreover, only 11 per cent of road accidents have speed as the primary cause, and the majority of those are within the prevailing limit, so the use of cameras ignores 89 per cent of the problem.

One of Robert Peel’s main principles was “The police are the public and the public are the police”.

The public have repeatedly shown their contempt for speed cameras, yet a generation of police officers, schooled on theories and targets, has refused to listen. Now, as the public illustrate their distaste by warning others of speed traps, the police take out their frustration on them as well.

Just one unmarked car, manned by an experienced traffic officer, would achieve more for road safety than all of the 50 cameras that are left to do the job.


Devonshire Road


I HAVE just had a hip replacement operation in the new orthopaedic unit at Victoria Hospital.

The care and attention during my stay was excellent.

I then went into the nurse-led therapy unit at Bispham.

We don’t hear much about this unit, but what a wonderful unit, the care and attention given to all patients is second to none. The food and wards could not be faulted.

The staff all need a mention.

The nursing staff, physiotherapists, the kitchen and cleaning staff, office staff all did a wonderful job. I certainly would not be able to cope at home if I had not spent time in this unit.

Thank you to all for the care I received during my stay.


Harwood Close


I WAS was extremely pleased to read Robin Duke’s review of In The Dust, an avant-garde dance drama, presented at the Grand Theatre on Sunday, June 3.

Despite the many Jubilee events that day, and a cold wind, a more than reasonable audience turned out but, like me, they were probably mystified as to what it was all about.

Anyhow, I was impressed by the dancers’ athleticism and commitment.

By the way, the Grand has been doing us proud in recent months with tours of Anne Boleyn (from London’s Globe Theatre) and The Diary of Anne Frank, not to mention other productions I may have missed.


Clifton Drive North

St Annes

I HAVE a small hotel on the seafront. Tonight a campervan has parked outside. The police say they can park there.

My hotel guests pay for a sea view but we are forced to look at this van and, when they go, all the rubbish will be dumped on the road.

We have camp sites for these vans, why should hoteliers suffer?


New South Promenade