Letters - 12-07-12

A car parked illegally on the pavement on St Albans Road, St Annes
A car parked illegally on the pavement on St Albans Road, St Annes
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I AM writing as yet again my three-year-old daughter was nearly run over today.

She was on her scooter and a car was backing up after parking on the pavement on St Albans Road.

We have nearly been mowed down at least five times in the last month by cars that are mounting the pavement outside the shops.

The council needs to address this problem, as it will end up with a child being injured, or even killed.

As pedestrians, we should be safe when walking on the pavement.

I work at the One Stop Shop on St Albans Road, and planters have been put outside the shop to deter cars, but they still park up even after being warned by police.

All the money that has been put into making St Annes look good for the golf could have been put into making this area safe for the residents.


Holmefield Road

St Annes

Weasel words from PM over banks

OUR morally bankrupt finance industry is once again embroiled in yet another major scandal.

This time with possibly illegal activity involving the fixing of LIBOR rates by Traders working for Barclays Bank.

The response of the Conservative-led Government has been feigned moral outrage, and the promise of a quick parliamentary inquiry which will no doubt be stuffed with Tory MPs keen to pin the blame on the previous Government.

The correct response is a full judicial inquiry into the banking industry akin to the Leveson inquiry into media standards.

Instead, our PM has directed his fire at the poorest and most vulnerable members of society, with proposals to savagely cut social welfare provision at a time of mass unemployment caused by the banks and made worse by his Government.

David Cameron revealed his true attitudes to working class people when he said: “It’s a scandal when some people on benefits can claim up to £25,000 a year, more than the combined income of a couple working as a farm labourer and nursery nurse.”

Whatever the facts of his claim, the biggest scandal is that such a couple, both doing very important and difficult jobs, should be earning so little as £12,500 a year.


Publicity officer

Blackpool Against Cuts

Packaging aim is an own goal

SO Blackpool Health and Wellbeing Board – an additional taxpayer-funded quango when money is so tight – are to campaign for plain packaging for cigarettes.

The criminal counterfeit tobacco smuggling industry will be delighted at having their task made so much easier.

No longer will they have to pay for complex colour printing, or worry about trademark infringement.

Their products will look like any others.

The words “own goal” come to mind.


Devonshire Road