Letters - 04-07-12

Grass has been laid out on Waterloo and St Chad's headlands on the Promenade.
Grass has been laid out on Waterloo and St Chad's headlands on the Promenade.
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WHILE driving along the Blackpool Promenade, my attention was drawn to the hundreds of miserable lamppost and other posts that are in need of a lick of paint.

The faded colours of cream and maroon would look much better if they were painted in various pastel shades the next time they are due to be painted.

After all, the seaside is all about colour and this small step in itself may help brighten up people lives.

Also, as many of your readers letters have pointed out the grass on the Promenade looks wonderful but it is in need of some tender loving care.

Bald patches are appearing, there are flooded areas, pathways have been created, mounds of sand are deposited due to poor landscape design and, perhaps, a dose of grass fertiliser would not go amiss.

After all we do not want the grass to go the same way as the Comedy Carpet.



THE article ‘Dog dispute lead to threat’ (Gazette June 22), reminded me of a theme picked up by two recent contributors.

One of them quite rightly picked up on how the legal system wrongly praises our soldiers of today when being compared to those many brave men who fought in the two world wars. No comparison. Many of today’s soldiers head into this role for totally different reasons and to use too much alcohol as a case for their defence is abhorrent.

They should not be drinking at all if they have not got the maturity to know when to stop.

Another recent letter talked of MPs being out of touch.

This also applies to judges who think a ‘slap on the wrist’ is justifiable.

I am afraid you are all living in the past if you think that.


I AM writing to apologise to the many people who hoped to support our fun day at Highfield Road Park.

Unfortunately on the day, Sunday, July 1, we took the decision at 7.45am to cancel the event, as not only was it pouring down, under a sky so grey it could have been November, but also blowing a gale so bad we felt we had no hope of erecting our marquees and keeping the roof on, let alone any hope of folk turning up!

I can only apologise on behalf of the friends to the many people in the local community who had not only said they would give their time or perform displays, but also to the many families who were no doubt disappointed when the sun was cracking the flags at 1.30pm in the afternoon and were puzzled why nothing was happening on the park.

Many people who organise events will understand these things do not just get thrown together in an hour or so, much planning and organisation goes on before the day and so it was with much reluctance when the weather was so wet, windy and cold in the morning that we cancelled.

We hope to reschedule the day for another weekend in September, and hope all those who hoped to support us this weekend will come along to the next fun day.


Secretary of the Friends of Highfield Road Park