Letters - 04-04-12

Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
Pictures Martin Bostock'St John's Square in Blackpool is now a bus free zone. / view
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HERE we go again – St John’s Square is going to be a bus station and all-night taxi rank (Gazette, March 29).

We will have coaches bringing the Saturday night boozers and picking them up at who knows what time.

The council and the taxi mafia say it is for the disabled who they need to get to the Winter Gardens.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the square is surrounded by taxi ranks.

And what about the matinee visitors – are they the next change?

If this has to be, I think the square should be closed at midnight and re-opened at the usual times.

We fought hard for this square but I think this is the thin edge of a large plan.

I am aged 75, and walk with a stick, but I would rather walk 150 yards to the Winter Gardens than lose this great free area.


Bispham Road


Brilliant for Blackpool. It’s about time the tram system was upgraded.

Can’t wait to use it.


Biggest waste of money I have ever witnessed.

They are commuter trams, suitable for locations such as Manchester where they run into all sections of the city.

These won’t be used by locals to commute, as very few live and work where the tram is a suitable means of travel.

plug ugly

The trams have a lot of seats, probably more than the old ones.

They haven’t got an upstairs though. They look smart and fit in well with the smart new prom. I’ll let others worry about the economics as there are a lot of experts about.

Al Batros

A state of the art fabulous tramway fit for the 21st century and still people moan. Can I make a simple suggestion – move away?