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Your Say

Letters - March 16, 2017


Who’s picking up bill for all these officers?

Do you happen to have any idea who is paying for the policing on Preston New Road (the Cuadrilla site)?

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Accident and Emergency (A&E) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - March 15, 2017


Leaders should hang their heads in shame

I am writing in response to an article in The Gazette from Tuesday March 7,“Hospital to use new car park to borrow £9.2m”.

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Gladman Developments plans for 165 houses in Hambleton

Letters - March 14, 2017


Councillors blind to the faults of plans

I am registered totally blind, which means I have no sight in my eyes, but it appears that there is another serious form of blindness!

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Disabled parking space

Letters - March 13, 2017


The blue badge is just for the driver

It was a good article on disabled parking problems (Gazette, March 9) but there is also a problem with disabled drivers themselves not following the rules!

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Protesters at the Preston New Road rally

Letters - March 9, 2017


Help us find out the facts on fracking

We recently had two ‘Meet The...’ events in the Fylde – the regulators came to Wrea Green and the British Geological Survey(BGS) came to Treales. Shale gas is a new industry to the UK, however information from these roadshows was not reassuring.

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Church Street looking towards St John's Church in the 1950s when traffic still moved freely and parking was available outside the shops
Blackpool Historical

Letters - March 8, 2017


Church Street was shopping centre

In general, I share Marion Gourlay’s dismay at the appalling poverty and deprivation in parts of Blackpool (Your Say, Gazette, March 2).

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Letters - March 7, 2017

Letters - March 7, 2017


Sad to lose it, but that is the reality

I read with sadness about the proposed demolition of Christ Church with All Saints on Palatine Road, but I was even more disgusted with the remarks of Joan Humble, the chairman of the Blackpool Civic Trust, when she said “the trust would look very carefully at this proposal because Christ Church is on the local list of historic buildings”.

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Blackpool Town Hall

Letters - March 6, 2017


Resort public needs more transparency

I am never surprised by the personal insults the leader of this council hands out to anyone who dares to criticise his management, but in the article in regard to the £9.5 million interest paid by the council over the last two years, his defence seems to be both contradictory and dangerous (Gazette, March 2).

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Daffodils in full bloom

Letters - March 2, 2017


My daffodils are 
being pulled up

It’s that time of year again.

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Letters - March 1, 2017

Letters - March 1, 2017


We must act now to save health service

What most of the media do not report about the NHS is that, for the last 30 years, our health service has been quietly privatised with half of hospital beds lost in that period.The Health and Social Care Act 2012 abolished our NHS as we know it, and took away the Government’s legal duty to provide health care for us all.

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stock pic St. Annes High street

Letters - February 28, 2017


Personal touch adds to the community

In times past I remember bread was delivered to shops by horse and van, coal by horse and cart. Traders used handcarts to sell fish, fruit, buttermilk etc in streets. There were small shops. No technology in those days.

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Regional coordinator for the North West Raptor Protection Group, Terry Pickford, with the peregrine falcon that was shot in St Annes.

Letters - February 27, 2017


A message to the peregrine killer

Regarding the report of the shooting of the peregrine falcon on the roof of St Thomas’s Church in St Annes (Gazette, February 17), I would like to point out that a pair of peregrines have been observed on and around the tower for about the last two to three years and bred successfully for the first time last year.

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Fracking protesters at Preston New Road

Letters - February 23, 2017


We can all do our bit to discover more

I took a day’s holiday from work this week to spend a few hours at the Preston New Road fracking site with the men and women who have been protesting since work began in early January. Yes, I had many other things I could have been doing with my day off, but so do they. Many have put their lives on hold and risked all in the hope that someone will listen to their concerns.

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Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - February 22, 2017


Government plans to cripple the NHS

Blackpool Council at its January meeting agreed to tell the Government the savings it was demanding in local health care were unrealistic and asked it urgently to invest in social care and the NHS.

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Fracking protesters have exhausted all routes.

Letters - February 21, 2017


Speaking out nearly cost me my career

Given my involvement with the fracking debate on the Fylde and support from over 5,000 people in the General Election 2015, I would be grateful if you would print the following disciplinary decision and this letter:

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Sixty-eight trusts out of 152 raised the alarm at least once due to bed shortages and problems managing the flow of patients through A&E. Picture: PA.

Letters - February 20, 2017


Report on the NHS has been excellent

Your special report in the Gazette, The Great NHS gamble, by Johnston Press investigators, has been excellent.

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Generic dog waste bin shot

Letters - February 16, 2017


Dog fouling is 
terrible round here

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter last Friday, dog fouling in the Anchorsholme and Cleveleys area is disgraceful.

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There are concerns that plans for fracking can be pushed through by an existing power.

Letters - February 15, 2017


Don’t use the NHS as political football

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Blackpool and England Footballing Legend Jimmy Armfield

Letters - February 14, 2017


Well done Jimmy, you deserve it

What a wonderful honour for Jimmy Armfield to have a prestigious school named after him, after an unblemished football career, and raising money for charities, well done Jimmy.

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W Bond is angry that more and more places are either banning dogs or imposing lead restrictions

Letters - February 13, 2017


They’ve got it in for our canine friends

Is there a vendetta against dog walkers in Cleveleys and Bispham areas and possibly further afield to Blackpool and Fleetwood?

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