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Letters - October 28, 2016


The best way to stop litter is to pick it up

While I applaud the idea of a clean town, there are far too few street cleaners in Blackpool, so instead the council now operates a fixed fine method? Is this yet another cash cow?

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The Frack Free Lancashire Bus left Preston with over fifty people to travel to Northallerton, North Yorkshire to support local residents opposing an application to frack in Ryedale

Letters - October 27, 2016


Anti-fracking groups have the same aims

J Standing should be congratulated for recognising in his letter (Your Say, Gazette, October 24) that the recent gathering and march at Preston New Road near Blackpool, in protest at the overturning of the local government decision to refuse shale gas drilling (fracking), was attended by people from outside the area as well as many local residents.

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Buses are not the place for swearing says Brin the Trotter

Letters - October 26, 2016


Bosses must ensure all passengers count

Are there ghosts on the buses? No, I don’t mean to do with Halloween, but rather whether or not drivers input prepaid tickets when holders board the bus.

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Blackpool Gang Show 2016

Letters - October 25, 2016


These young stars are a credit to all

What a night! My family and I have just enjoyed an evening of entertainment second to none.

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Fracking public enquiry at Blackpool Fottball Club

Letters - October 24, 2016


Nimbyism wasn’t the problem for county

When it comes to putting the ‘ great fracking debate’ in perspective, may I refer your readers to a recent article in The Times.

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Unveiling of the new Morecambe and Wise statue at the Winter Gardens

Letters - October 20, 2016


Fracking will see 
the Tories ousted

I couldn’t agree more with the comments on fracking from R V Bradley and Paul Marsland in Friday’s Your Say. Sajid Javid’s comments supporting his decision to allow fracking were based on the fact adjacent house prices and public health were not important.

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Graffiti on a bus stop outside Ocean Tyres on Lytham Road, South Shore

Letters - October 19, 2016


We won’t tolerate this behaviour

Oh, here we go again! Every so often some cretin decides that placing swastika graffiti and racist hate posters in public places will change the world (Nazi Hate Campaign, Gazette, October 14).

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Marilyn Moorhouse (left) and Pauline Duncan of the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde WASPI group

Letters - October 18, 2016


I don’t see fairness in current system

Reading the Gazette on Monday, October 10, I saw the articles headlined ‘I had two years to plan for 10-year wait on my pension’ – I would like to agree with every woman that is in the same boat as the two ladies in the issue who are standing up for all the woman born in the 50s and I thank them for that.

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The Berwick WASPI group was well represented at the protest at the Houses of Parliament.

Letters - October 17,2016


Thousands affected by the age changes

I was very pleased to see the article you featured this week, highlighting the plight of women born in the 1950s due to the unfair increase in state pension age (Gazette, October 10). The ladies you featured are to be commended in gaining the support of their MPs.

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Vaping could be as bad for your heart as smoking cigarettes, say experts.

Letters - October 14, 2016


Shale will not spark a jobs revolution

Poor old Blackpool. Who on earth wants their first views of their seaside holiday resort to be huge lorries trundling along the road and an enormous fracking site by the main road into town?

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Poppy appeal, traditional poppies

Letters - October 13, 2016


Help Legion support service personnel

For more than 86 years, The Royal British Legion has supported British soldiers, sailors and airmen who have defended our country and helped to keep peace elsewhere in the world.

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Land corner of Central Drive and Rigby Road

Letters - October 12, 2016


Visitors are given a bad first impression

Shirley Matthews points out that things are looking brighter (Your Say, Gazette, October 10) and that the roundabout at the end of the M55 into Blackpool is a sad sight since the removal of the fun sculpture – I believe some motorist mounted the roundabout and wrecked it, with the council stating it would cost too much to replace.

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A fracking rig

Letters - October 11, 2016


Has anybody else had such poor care?

Has anybody encountered the same problems we have experienced with the Lancashire County Council Social Welfare Service Dept?

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The classic Yes Minister line-up (from left) Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne and Derek Fowlds

Letters - October 10, 2016


First impressions matter to tourists

I see that the promenade is changing for the better with some of the once neglected hotels tidying up their premises and some of the eyesore signage being removed. The Illuminations have added attractions, with superior lighting giving a fresh new feel and added wow factor.

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Could Blackpool Airport welcome passengers once again?

Letters - October 7, 2016


The airport can be 
a valuable asset

Regarding the reported sale of Blackpool Airport, I think it’s time for a bit of positive thinking on this subject. Forget about Balfour Beatty, and don’t even consider bringing in the council as either part or whole owner. We are already aware of the complete lack of business acumen at the town hall based on their past performances.

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Magicians Paul Zenon and Mark Raffles.

Letters- October 6, 2016


Article sparked memories of Mark

I read with interest Shelagh Parkinson’s feature in the Gazette (September 30) about the Blackpool Museum project.

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Buses are not the place for swearing says Brin the Trotter

Letters - October 5, 2016


OAPs are definitely not freeloaders

My wife and I are old age pensioners, who like nothing better than going out on the bus to various locations – garden centres, markets etc – and have never been noisy, troublesome freeloaders, as Steve James seems to suggest we are (Your Say, Gazette, September 30)

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Accident and Emergency (A&E) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - September 4, 2016


The Vic needs to be supported for all

Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) last month announced a multi-million-pound savings plan, involving severe rationing of many medical procedures.

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Fracking at Anna's Road, Westby

Letters - October 3, 2016


Leaflet claims were unsubstantiated

Local business owners and residents will have read the front page of The Times earlier this week with dismay.

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