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Letters - January 23, 2017


Out-of-towners don’t understand damage

I write to voice my concern with regards the “goings on” on Preston New Road and the claim the opponents of fracking want to protect tourism, while at the same time deliberately undermining it.

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Fracking protesters hold up a lorry on Preston New Road

Letters - January 19, 2017


No regard for the health of citizens

In his letter to the Gazette on January 16, I fear Dr Rugman’s concerns about Radon gas exposure near fracking sites merely scratches the surface.

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An artists impression of how the five-star hotel could look

Letters - January 18, 2017


A lick of paint would work wonders

Great to read about the £7 million facelift for Blackpool. I think people felt sad to see parts of the town so run-down. I dont think people want to go back to what was.

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Friends of the Earth and businesses against fracking outside the public inquiry on fracking at Bloomfield Road

Letters - January 17, 2017


Perhaps everyone could help us out

What a pity we didn’t see your interesting letter until today (‘No more than we can expect from FoE’, Your Say, Gazette, January 9). We could have invited you to our Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth meeting, but never mind, we meet again on Monday, February 6 in Beautiful Planet Cafe in Preston. We extend a cordial invitation to you to join us that evening.

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The furniture donated to Gift 92 is given to the most vulnerable people in the community.

Letters - January 16, 2017


Radon is a killer and we must test for it

Fracking: Why is there to be radon monitoring in Yorkshire but not in Lancashire?

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File photo dated 22/01/08 of homes in south Derbyshire as the share of UK towns and cities that are affordable to first-time buyers is at its highest in a decade due to the sluggish housing market, a study has found. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday July 14, 2012. Those taking their first step on the property ladder will find homes within their means in 54% of local authority districts, the highest proportion since 2002 when 64% of districts were within buyers' reach, Halifax found. This is up from 40% a year ago and almost eight times the proportion of affordable districts at the peak of the housing market in 2007, when just 7% were in this bracket. A widening North-South divide was highlighted, with London being the only region where there were no affordable areas found for would-be buyers on average earnings. By contrast, 100% of districts in the North East were within buyers' grasp. Just 9% of the affordable districts are in the South East, the South West or the East of England, compared with

Letters - January 12, 2017


Russian celebration is nothing to laugh at

Good old Roy Jones . He’s at it again.

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Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - January 11, 2017


Underfunding, not immigration, is key

It is interesting that health tourism is debated at this time, when the country is embroiled with Brexit and we have no idea what will happen to our reciprocal agreements within Europe when we leave the union (Gazette, January 6).

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A&E in the Urgent Care Centre at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - January 10, 2017


We have to fix this health service crisis

It is not an exaggeration to describe Blackpool Victoria Hospital as currently in crisis.

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A group of protesters gather across from a new fracking site, off A583, Preston New Road, Little Plumpton.

Letters - January 9, 2017


Settle down and let the fracking begin

I see that work has started on the proposed fracking site on Preston New Road.

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Ken Dodd

Letters - January 5, 2017


See this comic legend while you can

For those who have never seen the living legend Sir Ken Dodd perform ‘live’ on a theatre stage, I urge you to do so before it’s too late. He is now 90 years of age, and undoubtedly the hardest working British comedian of all time.

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Better education from parents is needed to help stop attacks on emergency staff

Letters - January 4, 2017


We’ll all responsible for our actions

I read with absolute despair your article on December 30 about paramedics fearing for their safety, even their lives as they go about their jobs.

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Protest over the potential closure of Freckleton Library.  Youngsters Evie Knowles, 11, Sean Rhodes, 10, Steven Rhodes, 11 and Kelby Knowles, 8, with other protesters behind.

Letters - January 3, 2017


What can we do to keep centre open?

I was sorry to find out today that the ‘creative learning centre’ based on Talbot Road, has closed.

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Is raising council tax just a short-term fix for the cash crisis in social care?

Letters - December 22, 2016


Council tax rise is not sustainable

Social care is currently in crisis. The announcement last week from the government allowing local councils to increase spending on social care will provide short-term emergency cash, but this is not a long-term sustainable solution and will not remedy the underlying funding problems.

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Accident and Emergency (A&E) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - December 21, 2016

Thanks to all at the sharp end of NHS

Recently, I started to have chest pains. At first, I hoped they would go away, but over the space of a couple of hours they went worse, to the point that I felt my chest was being crushed. My wife phoned 111 and within 10 minutes the paramedic was here.

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Anti-fracking protestors demonstrating outside County Hall in Preston

Letters - December 15, 2016


Government must stand up to business

I write in with an answer to Dr Garsed’s letter (‘We have questions to be answered’, Your Say, Gazette, December 8).

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Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Letters - December 14, 2016


Keep private hands off health service

The Gazette article on December 7 advising readers that our local NHS hospital Blackpool Victoria is so short of cash it has decided to enter the tax avoidance world, shows the massive underfunding Mrs May and her government’s cabinet ministers are inflicting on our health service.

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Fleetwood residents want potholes on Jameson Road to be fixed

Letters - December 13, 2016


We have to fix these dangers in the roads

I write regarding Kevin Gooder’s nonsense about potholes (Your Say, Gazette, December 9) causing him to honestly think that more damage can counteract speed merchants – that’s ludicrous!

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Photo Neil Cross
Lytham in Bloom committee members and volunteers

Letters - December 12, 2016


Well done to Britain in Bloom entrants

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the hundreds of Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Britain in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood group volunteers across the North West region for the work they have done to bring communities together and create greener, more environmentally friendly and healthier surroundings for all to enjoy.

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Dog walkers on Lytham Green

Letters - December 8, 2016


Responsible owners are being penalised

Yet again, responsible dog owners are being penalised because of the odd few who do not ‘follow the rules’ (Gazette, November 28).

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A 25 annual charge for garden waste collection in Sunderland will start in March

Letters - December 7, 2016


Why can’t we have free recycling?

The council made a big thing about refusing to recycle our garden waste earlier this year, and told us we’d have to pay for the privilege of a recycling collection.

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