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Letters - February 22, 2017


Government plans to cripple the NHS

Blackpool Council at its January meeting agreed to tell the Government the savings it was demanding in local health care were unrealistic and asked it urgently to invest in social care and the NHS.

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Fracking protesters have exhausted all routes.

Letters - February 21, 2017


Speaking out nearly cost me my career

Given my involvement with the fracking debate on the Fylde and support from over 5,000 people in the General Election 2015, I would be grateful if you would print the following disciplinary decision and this letter:

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Sixty-eight trusts out of 152 raised the alarm at least once due to bed shortages and problems managing the flow of patients through A&E. Picture: PA.

Letters - February 20, 2017


Report on the NHS has been excellent

Your special report in the Gazette, The Great NHS gamble, by Johnston Press investigators, has been excellent.

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Generic dog waste bin shot

Letters - February 16, 2017


Dog fouling is 
terrible round here

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter last Friday, dog fouling in the Anchorsholme and Cleveleys area is disgraceful.

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There are concerns that plans for fracking can be pushed through by an existing power.

Letters - February 15, 2017


Don’t use the NHS as political football

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Blackpool and England Footballing Legend Jimmy Armfield

Letters - February 14, 2017


Well done Jimmy, you deserve it

What a wonderful honour for Jimmy Armfield to have a prestigious school named after him, after an unblemished football career, and raising money for charities, well done Jimmy.

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W Bond is angry that more and more places are either banning dogs or imposing lead restrictions

Letters - February 13, 2017


They’ve got it in for our canine friends

Is there a vendetta against dog walkers in Cleveleys and Bispham areas and possibly further afield to Blackpool and Fleetwood?

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Fracking protestors demonstrate outside Moore Readymix

Letters - February 9, 2017


Protesters targeting local small firms

Anti-fracking protests targeting small local companies cannot be tolerated

In recent days, protesters opposed to shale gas exploration in Lancashire have deliberately targeted small local companies with direct action blockades just because they have chosen to supply goods and services to Cuadrilla at its Preston New Road site.

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Social and health care services are facing high demand.

Letters - February 8, 2017


Housing crisis 
demonises OAPs

Reading a front page of newspaper headline reads ‘Downsizing Revolution’. It seems elderly people are not only bed blockers but now house hoarders. Ministers want older people living in big houses to give up their homes and go into sheltered accommodation.

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Anti-fracking protesters stop a truck at Preston New Road

Letters - February 7, 2017


Time for police to take tougher line

More has got to be done to stop the unacceptable and unlawful action by protesters on Preston New Road at Little Plumpton.

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County wide rollout of new LED streetlights has not gone down well with Martin Guest and residents in Heyhouses

Letters - February 6, 2017


What’s wrong the old orange lights?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the dreadful new street lights that are replacing the warm orange sodium lights that have been perfectly adequate for so many years.

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Traffic on North Houses Lane, where Lancashire County Council want to build the M55 link road.

Letters - February 2, 2017


County council not delaying road build

As the county councillor for Fylde West Division (the Division where the proposed M55 Link Road is due to be constructed) I read with obvious interest your article last week regarding the delay in constructing the road.

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Ian Coleman (right) pictured with his son and fellow Blackpool councillor Gary Coleman.

Letters - February 2, 2017


Ian deserves to get honour from Queen

I was pleased to read in The Blackpool Gazette that Coun Ian Coleman will become the next Mayor of Blackpool. Mr Coleman is a man of good standing, a committed people’s person. With consideration of his many years of fundraising events for The Royal British Legion branch and The Club on King Street, he deserves an honour from The Queen.

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Is raising council tax just a short-term fix for the cash crisis in social care?

Letters - January 31, 2017


Council action call 
is to be applauded

The devastating news regarding the collapse of NHS services around the country affects our own health services in Blackpool. We continue to suffer shortages in GP services and it impacts on adult social care.

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Letters - January 30, 2017

Letters - January 30, 2017


Beware of these new penalties

I write regarding the recent article on 20mph speed limits not being enforced on the Fylde.

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Age UK on Abingdon Street is closed until further notice

Letters - January 26, 2017


Confusion over charity shop funding

Further to the recent letters regarding charity shops.

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Tram at Fisherman's Walk, Fleetwood

Letters - January 25, 2017


This is an accident waiting to happen

Why have all the tram track crossing gates been removed from all crossings along virtually the whole stretch of tracks Blackpool to Fleetwood and not replaced?

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A superpuma helicopter as operated by Helispeed who are moving to Hangar 3 at Blackpool Airport

Letters - January 24, 2017


Choppers now have to stick to flight path

Since Jet2 left Blackpool airport and air activities dwindled, we have constantly been plagued with the random approach and take off routes that Bond Helicopters choose to adopt, despite there being a designated flight path and even a no-build zone under this flight path for new development on the Pontins site.

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View of Blackpool promenade and Tower built in the 1890's

Letters - January 23, 2017


Out-of-towners don’t understand damage

I write to voice my concern with regards the “goings on” on Preston New Road and the claim the opponents of fracking want to protect tourism, while at the same time deliberately undermining it.

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Fracking protesters hold up a lorry on Preston New Road

Letters - January 19, 2017


No regard for the health of citizens

In his letter to the Gazette on January 16, I fear Dr Rugman’s concerns about Radon gas exposure near fracking sites merely scratches the surface.

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