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Letters - August 29, 2016

NHS cuts are in the wrong place

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Brexit... were in uncharted waters says P OConnor

Letters - August 27, 2016

We’re being led into the unknown

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You do not need to eat expensively to eat gluten free, says former Blackpool councillor Douglas Green

Letters - August 26, 2016

Growing up with a ‘mysterious’ diet

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Will Blackpool Victoria hospital be hit by cutbacks in Chorley?

Letters - August 25, 2016

A&E closures will hit Victoria Hospital

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Blackpools road problems have spread out on to the motorways, says Alan Murden

Letters - August 24, 2016

We need better roads not tram link

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Volunteer Mark Gaskell with one of the Spitfires  at Lytham St Annes Spitfire Museum, Blackpool Airport

Letters - August 23, 2016

Slow progress would not happen in States

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Emergency services at the scene on Dickson Road as  a woman in her 20s threatened to jump. No one, says Marelyn Manning, will know whether or not they - or one of their family members  will one day need the help this girl needed last week

Letters - August 22, 2016

Talbot Road tram plans falling short

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The cost of cleaning up issues caused by overflowing bins must be more than emptying them more often says Martin Wilson

Letters - August 20, 2016

Overflowing bins causing problems

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Yeadon Way, Blackpool

Letters - August 19, 2016


All these brambles are a right shambles

Could anyone tell me why we have concrete planters in Blackpool, they serve no purpose whatsoever they are just full of weeds and rubbish.

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Specially trained negotiators are on the scene

Letters - August 19, 2016


Divisive development in modern society

Your story about a girl being told by members of the public to jump from the top of a high building, an action that would almost certainly have caused her death, is horrifying but not surprising.

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Picture by Julian Brown 01/08/16

The cleaning up process is underway after the tower blocks at the former Queens Park flats, Layton, Blackpool were demolished

Letters - August 17, 2016


Big Muncher left us with a big headache

After reading all the comments about the dust cloud I have a few comments to make .

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Blackpool Magistrates Court

Letters - August 16, 2016


Court surroundings are in terrible state

I recently had occasion to visit the Blackpool Magistrates’ Court via the steps in Chapel Street and was appalled by the dilapidated state of the steps and terracing, including the flower bedded area surrounding the Court buildings.

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Blackpool fans watch the match

Photographer Kevin Barnes/CameraSport

Football - The EFL Sky Bet League Two - Blackpool v Exeter City - Saturday 6th August 2016 - Bloomfield Road - Blackpool

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Letters - August 15, 2016


We shouldn’t have to put up with insults

It’s about time to put an end to this hypocrisy and let those of us who want to watch Blackpool FC at Bloomfield Road do so without the insults and intimidation.

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Teacher / classroom / pupils

Letters - August 12, 2016


Grammars do not help social mobility

It took less than a month, but Prime Minister Theresa May’s new Government appears to be floating another massive change to education policy – the re-introduction of grammar schools. I’m sure this announcement will gain favour from some, but Gazette readers should ask themselves a question.

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Photo Neil Cross
One of Blackpool Transport's 10 brand new double decker buses in St John's Square
Bus enthusiast Scott Poole came from Harrogate to view the new bus

Letters - August 11, 2016


Discrimination is rife on the buses

I am minded to stop using the local buses and trams because of discrimination by drivers and conductors of these vehicles.

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Linda Paterson Hoey
#Layton Flats

Letters - August 10, 2016


Council shouldn’t need to hold hands

So, regarding Peter Aston’s letter (‘Choked by dust cloud’, Your Say, Gazette, August 8) I can’t help wonder where he and all who stood in the path of the downdraft thought the dust from the Layton flats demolition would go?

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Nick Knowles, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Pudsey at the DIY SOS Big Build at Blenheim House in Newton Drive

Letters - August 9, 2016


Thanks to all those who helped SOS

Following the BBC DIYSOS Reveal Day, I wanted to express our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to this programme in any way. We know hundreds of individuals, companies, organisations and groups were involved.

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Letters - August 8, 2016


We were choked by the dust cloud

I was stunned by your recent story “Layton Flats Demolition A ‘Success’” (Gazette, August 2). From where I was standing (down wind of the ensuing dust cloud) it was one of the most alarming experiences I’ve ever encountered.

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How the tramway will link to the Prom

Letters - August 5, 2016


Don’t jump on the gloom bandwagon

It’s no secret that the tram system recently had its most successful year in over a decade, and has been on an upward trend in terms of passengers and revenue since the 2012 upgrade.

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Youth Worker Jed Sullivan serving lunch to, from left, Madison Smith, Emily Appleby, Tyler Masterson and Tyler Shorrocks at Blackpool Boys and Girls Club

Letters - August 4, 2016


We need a proper site for youth club

As the excitement of the demolition of the tower blocks fades, let us spare a thought for the building across the road from the tallest Walter Robinson block.

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