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Letters - July 22, 2016


Senior drivers are a danger to others

Reading the article OAP smashes through the back of his garage, (Gazette July 20), reinforced my belief that when someone reaches the age of 70, they should be given a medical and rigorously retested.

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The South Promende, which Dr M Cohen says is incompatible with tall apartment buildings

Letters - July 21, 2016


We desperately need more family homes

I find the view by Shelagh Parkinson (Viewpoint, July 8) expressing her frustration at residential schemes for South Promenade failing to progress, quite irritating.

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The EU continues to polarise opinion.

Letters - July 20, 2016


Not all young people wanted to stay in

Ashamed to be British?

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Letters - July 19, 2016


So proud at efforts of the local people

Can I, through the Gazette, say how proud I was to have known such a band of hard working people who gave their time, experience and materials all for free, working very long hours, day in, day out, to get the DIY SOS Big Build finished in just over 10 days. When a build of this nature takes at least three months, it’s nothing short of a miracle. The feeling of pride I have in these people is just incredible.

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Blesma Home, Lytham Road, South Shore

Letters - July 18, 2016


Compensation is not for veterans’ care

I have tried to get the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)interested in the problem of about 90 per cent of borough councils using squaddies’ compensation (for loss of body parts etc) to pay for their care.

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Hotels on Bourne Crescent off Blackpool Promenade, South Shore

Letters - July 15, 2016


South Prom £4.5m hotel plan is ‘risky’

I think most people would agree that the derelict hotels along South Promenade have blighted this area for a long time. They do not give off a good first impression for those arriving from the motorway or visiting from St Annes.

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Pictures Martin Bostock.
Empty shops in and around Blackpool town centre.
Church Street

Letters - July 14, 2016


Empty shops not landlords’ fault

I wish Tim Gavell ( Gazette Viewpoint, July 12) had researched his subject more thoroughly before blaming shop landlords for run down town centres.

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Letters - July 13, 2016

Letters - July 13, 2016


Let’s take advantage of conference plans

Back on June 16, nearly four weeks ago, members of the Central Blackpool Business Forum group were introduced to the exciting project for a new conference centre at the Winter Gardens (Gazette, July 11).

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Picture by Julian Brown 21/01/16

GV view of ambulances at the A & E Dept at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

NB Picture taken from the pavement

Letters - July 12, 2016


It’s only fair to praise the staff

As I was born into a struggling working class family, whose father had periods of illness, I recall the delight of my parents at the inception of the National Health Service.

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Blackpool comedy legend Jack Diamond

Letters - July 11, 2016


Tribute to a legend of Blackpool comedy

I would like to offer my personal thanks to those who attended the tribute evening last Tuesday at The Galleon Bar dedicated to the comedy genius Jack Diamond.

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Letters - July 8, 2016

Letters - July 8, 2016


We need investment not ‘hurtful cuts’

On Tuesday, July 5, schools across the Fylde were closed or partially closed as teachers took industrial action to defend schools from the effects of funding cuts and the threat to teachers’ conditions and pay by the spread of privatisation of schools.

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Home Secretary Theresa May launches her Conservative leadership campaign at RUSI in London, as she formally enters the race to succeed David Cameron in Downing Street

Letters - July 7, 2016


Act now to end all this uncertainty

The tectonic power plates are moving quickly after an extraordinary period in British politics. We have a lame-duck government and no credible opposition.

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How the tramway will link to the Prom

Letters - July 6, 2016


Central bus station would be more use

There were some odd articles in Monday’s Gazette (July 4).

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Photo Neil Cross
Blesma Home, Lytham Road, South Shore

Letters - July 5, 2016


We must help save the Blesma home

It is with a heavy heart that I read the article today about the doubts over the future of the Blesma home on Lytham Road (Gazette, July 2).

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Michael Gove speaks at the Policy Exchange in London, where he set out his case for becoming prime minister. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday July 1, 2016. Justice Secretary Mr Gove set out his case for the leadership in the speech after his last-minute decision to enter the race effectively torpedoed Brexit campaign ally Boris Johnson's hopes of entering Number 10. See PA story POLITICS Conservatives. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Letters - July 4, 2016


Winston must be turning in his grave

Now the dust is beginning to settle after this so called referendum on Europe, it was or never would have been about Europe.

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New figures reveal a child poverty crisis

Letters - July 02, 2016

We need action on child poverty now

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Has the vote to leave the EU inflamed racial divisions across the country?

Letters - July 01, 2016

We must strive for a united community

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Blackpool Central Library  a useful lcommunity asset?

Letters - June 30, 2016

Many use them, even if you don’t

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Tina Rothery at Blackpool County Court. The anti-fracking protestor is being sued by landowners backed by fracking company Cuadrilla over a three week protest on farmland earmarked for test  fracking near Preston New Road, Little Plumpton.

Letters - June 29, 2016

‘Nana’ is being used as martyr to cause

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Letters - June 28, 2016

It will be a tough ask to get a better deal

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