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Letters - December 12, 2016


We must return to the green and cream

Wilf Greaves, (Your Say, Gazette, December 1) would like to see a return to the ’proper’ green and cream colours on our buses.

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Letters - December 1, 2016

Letters - December 1, 2016


We should control time of our death

Blaise Tapp’s column “Do we care more for pets than people?” (Gazette, November 26) urges us to ask ourselves whether “we care about Rover or Tibbles more than we do about Great Aunt Doris”.

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Letters - November 29, 2016

Letters - November 29, 2016


Gridlock has been solved... for now

Having lived in Blackpool all my life (67 years) I have seen a lot of changes, some good and some bad.

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Chancellor Philip Hammond delivers his Autumn Statement in the House of Commons, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

Letters - November 28, 2016


The Tories will not chage their spots

For the sake of political balance, can you explain why The Gazette chose to follow the Conservatives’ agenda in its response to Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement (Fylde coast reacts to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Gazette, November 24)?

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Captain Kronos return to earth

Letters - November 24, 2016


We have to remedy this loutish problem

Strictly Come Dancing gave Blackpool the biggest tourist shot in the arm possible.

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Protest over the potential closure of Freckleton Library.  Youngsters Evie Knowles, 11, Sean Rhodes, 10, Steven Rhodes, 11 and Kelby Knowles, 8, with other protesters behind.

Letters - November 23, 2016


Council has to give us our libraries

Coun Fail and his colleagues point out their need to maintain statutory obligations (Your Say, Gazette, November 18).

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Strictly star Gorka Marquez with his celebrity partner Tameka Empson

Letters - November 22, 2016


Strictly will never come back again

I switched the TV on this morning to watch the news, and the very first item I saw was that one of the principal dancers from Strictly Come Dancing had been assaulted, and lost two of his teeth, by a group of thugs on the streets of Blackpool.

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Thornton Library which is threatened with closure

Letters - November 21, 2016


Conservatives are fighting for libraries

It’s been frustrating reading correspondence from the army of local Labour County councillors trying to pretend they weren’t the ones who voted to close the libraries. But then it’s no surprise, as they know they are up for re-election soon and are getting nervous.

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Joe Longthorne.

Letters - November 17, 2016


What a revelation my experience was

I recently had an experience with our local hospital, and the NHS in general, that I really felt obliged to share. All too often the NHS seems to be subjected to stories of poor service and inadequate treatment, and after recent events for me, I have nothing but praise and respect.

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An artists impression of Blackpool's proposed tram extension

Letters - November 16, 2016

Blackpool now has a modern, segregated promenade tram route that works well. Over the past four years, its passenger numbers have increased year-on-year and contingency revenue is gained during the peak season. As the saying goes “If it’s not broke... why fix it?”

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Rubbish dumped in an alley behind Wyre Street. Fleetwood. Picture by Rita Hewitt.

Letters - November 15, 2016


Fly-tipping is a real hazard to the public

I write regarding your article headlined ‘Alleygate call over tipping in Fleetwood’ (Gazette, November 11).

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Letters - November 14, 2016


NHS outsourcing should be stopped

All GPs in Blackpool want to deliver the best possible care to their patients, but the current mismanagement of NHS patient records and medical supplies by Capita is undermining patient care throughout the NHS.

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Caller Dave Freeland will be taking his final game today at the Mecca Bingo on Hawes Side Lane in Blackpool. as he is retiring after 21 years there.
Dave with his kingdom below him.  PIC BY ROB LOCK

Letters - November 9, 2016


My wife holds a calling record

I write regarding bingo caller Dave Freeland (Gazette, October 31). Twenty-one years is a good record, I know I’ve tried it, get’s your throat sore.

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Photo Neil Cross
The delapidated houses in Leopold Grove, Blackpool

Letters - November 8, 2016


Keep the terrace, don’t demolish it

Surely the council must think again regarding their plan to demolish the terrace of attractive buildings on Leopold Grove ?

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Police officers at Orgreave during the miners' strike of 1984-85

Letters - November 7, 2016


How can PM show this is no cover-up?

When Amber Rudd met with the Orgreave campaigners, she gave them hope that the Government would launch another inquiry into the violence used by police against the striking miners in 1984, following an independent inquiry that finally reached justice for victims of Hillsborough earlier this year.

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Blackpool North Rail Station, Blackpool.

Letters - November 3, 2016


Station porter went the extra mile for us

I had to use the rail network to travel to a family event in Kent last week, something I have not done in many years.

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The new Lancashire For Shale campaign group

Letters - November 2, 2016


Lancashire will not see frack benefits

I’m delighted to see that Lancashire for Shale is getting ready to hear all about the fantastic employment potentials in the shale gas industry and has invited speakers from Scotland’s offshore business to contribute to the seminars (Gazette, October 27).

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Letters, November 1, 2016

Letters, November 1, 2016


Why should we be dancing in the aisles?

In May last year, we were privileged to see Hairspray performed by Blackpool & Fylde Light Opera Company, with students from Blackpool Sixth – and what a brilliant production it was too.

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Junction between St Annes Road and Watson Road due to be closed for 6 weeks

Letters - October 31, 2016


Danger road should be improved now

I read time and time again about people saying that since the changes were made to Watson Road junction under the bridge, this has become one of the most dangerous junctions in Blackpool.

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Letters - October 28, 2016

Letters - October 28, 2016


The best way to stop litter is to pick it up

While I applaud the idea of a clean town, there are far too few street cleaners in Blackpool, so instead the council now operates a fixed fine method? Is this yet another cash cow?

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