Years of neglect leave beauty spot tarnished

IT should be a beauty spot for Blackpool to be proud of – but years of neglect have left Kincraig Lake looking a little tatty.

Fly-tippers, litter louts and vandals have all helped blight the area.

That's despite the fact the lake is a listed biological heritage site and wildlife including a pair of herons, swans and a flock of geese live there.

Now residents are launching a friends group to restore the wetland, also known as Bispham Marsh, back to its former glory.


The first priority will be to rebuild the paths which circumnavigate the lake in Kincraig Road, Bispham, a task which in itself could cost around 10,000.

But once a friends group is formed, it will be able to apply for grants not accessible to the council, which owns the land.

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday January 29 at 6pm at Stronsay Place Community Centre.

Residents Rod Peacock, Allan Burton and Stephen Whittaker have already given their commitment to the project.

Rod, 64, of Oban Place, said: "The lake has really gone downhill because sadly it's become a dumping ground for three piece suites, washers and fridges.

"Also lots of sandwich wrappers and drinks cans get left there.

"Yet it is a real haven for wildlife. There are seven different types of duck, a pair of breeding swans, herons and geese.

"In the summer there are bluebells all along the edge of the lake.

"It's going to take a lot of money and hard work to get it looking good again but by forming a friends group we really believe we can get something done."

Allan, 41, of Kilmory Place, said: "It's a lovely venue but a lot of people, particularly those who are disabled, can't use it because the paths are in such a bad state, especially in winter."

Ingthorpe ward councillor Coun Kath Rowson said: "A friends group will help to improve it by obtaining grants and encouraging everyone to enjoy the area and keep it clean and tidy.

"It's so sad to see litter and fly-tipping blighting the area and endangering the wildlife.

"We want to improve it so more people will use it but not at the expense of the wildlife."

Among the acts of vandalism has been damage caused to lifebelts.

People can contact Coun Rowson on (01253) 356866 for more details about the new group.