Window cleaner jailed for sex act

A WINDOW cleaner – caught breaking into women's homes and trying on their clothes before performing a sex act – has been locked up for burglary.

William O'Grady, 20, from Layton, was charged with stealing pieces of toilet paper in burglaries on Morland Avenue in Wesham and Lower Lane in Freckleton.

A judge described O'Grady's behaviour as grotesque after he admitted breaking into the properties and performing a sex act in women's bedrooms while wearing their clothes during his window cleaning round.

One of his victims, a woman in her 20s, was so scarred by the events she had to move out of the area.

Another victim said she was disgusted by what O'Grady had done.

After his crimes were uncovered, she said she had thrown all her clothes, underwear and bed sheets away.

She had also moved out of her home because she was frightened he would return.

In a witness statement, the victim said: "I can't get out of my head what he did in my bedroom. I feel sick."

The other victim said she was in total shock when O'Grady's crime was uncovered and she felt frightened.

O'Grady, of Dutton Road, was sentenced to 16 months in a young offenders' institution.

Even though the offences were of a sexual nature, the only legislation available led the prosecution to pursue a charge of burglary.