Windmills in mind

It is half a century since the sails of Weeton Windmill stopped turning.

But a little bit of the once-famous landmark will live on in a remarkable replica that has been built by a Fylde historian.

The miniature copy of the windmill has been constructed out of materials salvaged from relics of the original building.

But creator Malcolm Eaves, 73, of Cunliffe Road, Blackpool, admits that it ended up as something of a hazardous operation.

He had come up with the idea of making the replica from the original metal and oak still lying around on the site of the demolished windmill.

Mr Eaves said: “When a friend and I decided to salvage the metal and the oak from the windmill we were arrested by the police because a local farmer thought we were out to steal his turkeys!

“Once we explained our intentions to build a replica of the mill we were let go. So, it’s been an experience building the model.”

Built in 1812, the huge monument towered over Weeton until it fell into disrepair and was finally knocked down in the 1950s.

Mr Eaves, who is a member of the Blackpool and Fylde Historical Society, had been determined to use the original artefacts so that there would always be a lasting memory of the once fully operational mill.

But after starting to build the mill some years ago he misplaced the relics and only when he discovered them again a month ago did he finally complete his labour of love to re-create the Weeton windmill.