Wheelie bin ‘taken hostage’

Jane Pugh has had her bin taken away by Fylde Borough Council
Jane Pugh has had her bin taken away by Fylde Borough Council

COUNCIL officials were today branded petty and ridiculous after confiscating a woman’s wheelie bin.

Fylde Council visited Jane Pugh’s bin no fewer than FIVE times to check its whereabouts – then repossessed it when they found it out of place.

The mum-of-one, who lives on Buckingham Road, Ansdell, has fallen foul of a council rule banning bins from alleyways, despite her grassy garden meaning the only place she can hygienically store her regulation wheelie bin is in a small ginnel directly behind her home.

And while council bosses agreed to that arrangement, when eagle-eyed officers spotted the bin in the main alley three times – a few feet from where it should be – they pounced.

They are now demanding £30 to reunite Ms Pugh with her wheelie bin.

She said: “For some utterly bizarre reason Fylde Council has been making frequent visits to my alley to check on the progress of my wheelie bin.

“I have to pay £30 to get my bin back, and moving forward what am I supposed to do?

“The wheelie bin had merely moved a few feet, not as one would imagine, several miles. I’m a busy single mum and I’ve got enough to do without frequently having to go into the back alley and check my bin’s ok. Am I supposed to go out every day to make sure no-one has moved my bin?”