Warning over scrap metal

Hodgson Academy on Moorland Road and (below) PC Andrea Banks.
Hodgson Academy on Moorland Road and (below) PC Andrea Banks.
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POLICE have urged homeowners to be on the lookout amid fears metal thieves are targeting a Fylde school.

The warning came this week after people were seen acting suspiciously in a van near Hodgson Academy.

PC Andrea Banks

PC Andrea Banks

Police have told residents on Moorland Road to be wary during the summer holidays after a number of sightings of the vehicle around the school.

Reports of occupants of a flat back lorry seeking to acquire scrap metal have been deemed ‘suspicious’ by the high school.

The Poulton Neighbourhood Policing Team has now issued a letter to residents referencing these reports.

PC Andrea Banks said: “There have been a number of reports of suspicious activity involving what is described to be a flat back lorry.

“The driver or occupants of this vehicle are seeking to acquire scrap metal in one form or another.”

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In a separate incident, resident Ronald Brownlow, who lives opposite the school, says he was recently approached by drivers of a van for scrap metal.

He said: “He stopped in the road and shouted across to see if I had any scrap metal.

“I didn’t realise it was that much of a problem. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for it.”

The letter urges residents to be “vigilant”, also encouraging residents to be wary of activity on the school grounds.

It says: “If you see any vehicle that causes concerns either within school grounds or in your neighbourhood simply pick up the phone and dial 101.”

The vehicle is believed to be a white single cab, flat back with grey sides and a green tail lift.

Thieves targeted a property on Highcross Road in June, stealing lead from the roof.

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