VIDEO: Hero comes to the rescue

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One teenager became a hero after rescuing a pensioner left stranded by the rising water on Lytham Road, just off the Promenade.

Video footage shows Matthew Strangwood, 19, of Trafalgar Road, wading through water in order to get to the woman.

Matthew (pictured) leapt into action, picking up the woman, who had been trying to attract the attention of police stationed on the Prom, before carrying her 30 yards to the other side of the road.

He said: “I was watching the weather up the street when I noticed an elderly lady just standing there. She was there for about 20 minutes and no one was helping her.

“The wind was getting stronger and the water was getting deeper. I had to do something. She was just so happy. She called me her knight in shining armour.”

Matthew’s girlfriend Amber Cotton added: “She said she couldn’t thank us enough.”

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