VIDEO: Dad’s joy at scooping £737,000 lottery win

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A jubilant father-of-two has told of the “dream” moment he discovered he had won more than £737,000 on the National Lottery.

Alan Symons spotted his numbers on television before heading to work, and immediately decided to retire.

The ecstatic former factory worker is now planning how to spend the £737,287, one of the largest lottery wins on the Fylde coast.

Alan, from Freckleton, discovered the winning numbers while checking Teletext at 5am.

He said: “Every day I’m always up at that time.

“I checked, checked again and then checked a third time, and all of my numbers were there.

“I just could not believe it.

“I thought it’s perfect, I’m 55, so it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Alan, who lives with his partner Amanda Thompson, 43, said he hadn’t yet decided how to spend the money, the equivalent to a one-bedroom flat in central London, five Lamborghini Gallardos or 77 cruises around the world.

The pair met at Dudley Industries, in Lytham, where Alan worked for 35 years, and Amanda learned sign language to communicate with Alan, who is profoundly deaf.

They live with Amanda’s two children and her mum, and Alan said: “It will be wonderful to finally get our own house rather than having to fit five of us in a three-bedroom house.

“But we are taking our time and everyone is going to be involved in the decision of how to spend the money. We are going to take one step at a time – it’s a bit of a dream and we still can’t believe it, really.”

Alan scooped the Lotto Jackpot in last Wednesday’s draw after buying a lucky dip ticket from the Co-op in Freckleton.

He said: “It all still seems unreal. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and find it isn’t true and hasn’t really happened.”




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