VIDEO: £100m sea wall ‘minimised impact’

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Storm waters smashed over Blackpool’s new £100m sea wall defences at the height of yesterday’s bombardment.

Blackpool Council leader Simon Blackburn said: “Since the new sea wall was installed it has successfully prevented flooding on the Promenade.

“If a storm like this had happened a few years ago the damage would have been catastrophic but the new defences have minimised the impact.

“We have every sympathy with those affected.

“The flooding was caused by a prolonged period of heavy rain, gale force winds and an extremely high tide all coming together at the same time.

“Weather experts will tell you it would be decades before something like this ever happened again. We must remember that all the preparations can be in place but Mother Nature can still overpower them at times.

“Our officers have been out in the atrocious conditions cleaning rubbish, removing debris and speaking to people affected by the storm.

“This work continued through the night to ensure that homes and businesses were protected and residents experienced minimum disruption.”

• This video was filmed around 1.30pm on Thursday 5 December from the top of Phil Winston’s Theatreworks.

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