Vicar's towering rock of ages on 500ft stage

PETER Kay might have said he did it but this is the real deal – live at the top of the tower!

Punk rocking vicar Phil Chew took a real walk of faith when he stepped out on to the glass floor 500ft above Blackpool promenade.

The 44-year-old man of the cloth believes, along with his band Revisit, he is the first man ever to plug in and rock out at the top of the tower.

He said: “I don’t think anyone has done this before.

“People probably think we’re crazy but I think it is absolutely fantastic.

“Some people might have claimed to have played the top of Blackpool Tower, but we really have!”

Rev Chew, who is vicar at St Stephen’s Church in Burnley, chose the venue in a bid to boost Blackpool’s profile.

He said: “Blackpool is known for the weird and the wonderful.

“When we decided to do something to promote our single, this seemed the perfect idea.

“It isn’t just a great way to plug the band, it is a way to promote Blackpool.

“I love the town and I really think people should be coming here on holiday.

“A little publicity never did anywhere any harm and this is a superb way to put Blackpool in the public eye and encourage people to come on holiday here.

“The gig should attract a lot of attention, even if we were a little short on space for the audience!”

Rev Chew admits the music he makes with his band is a little different from the usual church fare.

He said: “Two or three years ago, I played in a punk band.

“It isn’t what you would expect from a vicar, but it is great fun.

“A few of us decided to re-form and this is where it all ended up.

“I admit, most people wouldn’t expect a vicar to play punk music.”

The band performed their single Under Attack on the famous Walk of Faith, but had a few problems dragging all the gear up the towering landmark.

Rev Chew said: “We wanted to perform the song live, rather than mime.

“There were a few problems.

“We managed to get all the kit up. But before we set off for Blackpool we realised getting a drum kit to the top would be a little bit too much.

“So we recorded a backing track with the drums so the rest of the band could play along live.

“It was a real logistical nightmare, but we made it.”