TV time for star Shelley

Shelley Woods is featured on Channel 4 tonight.
Shelley Woods is featured on Channel 4 tonight.
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THE curtain may have fallen on the 2012 London Olympics, but this summer’s festival of sport is far from over.

Later this month we have the Paralympics to look forward to, and what better way to prepare for these Games than by meeting some of the athletes set to take part.

A documentary at 11.35pm tonight on Channel 4, follows wheelchair racers Nikki Emerson, Josie Pearson and Blackpool girl Shelly Woods through both their professional and private lives, as they prepare for what could be the biggest moment of their careers.

The film tells the stories of how each became disabled as a result of an accident, exploring how a single event has shaped their lives since.

The programme also features interviews with staff and patients at the spinal unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, where many Paralympians have received treatment.