TV magician banned from Blackpool

AND with a wave of a wand he was gone!

Magicians in Blackpool have banned Paul Daniels from events in the resort after he branded the town "tasteless, tacky, bawdy and scruffy".

The 71-year-old millionaire slated the resort after it was revealed Blackpool would host the 2012 World Magic Convention.

But now, the Blackpool Magicians Club has hit back - and will not invited the former television host the any conventions, including the 2012 event.

Derek Lever, chairman of the club, said: "He is not welcome in Blackpool and we will not be inviting him.

"We don't want him in Blackpool, he is a has-been.

"He has been doing the same electric hair routine for 40 years and it's time he got up-to-date.

"We have the real stars coming to the convention, we have David Blaine, people like that.

"We recently had the president and vice president of Federation of International Stage Magicians FISM come over to Blackpool to look at The Grand, at The Opera House and the Tower Circus and they were really


"It's their opinions we listen to and respect, not someone whose shows in Blackpool had to be cancelled due to lack of ticket sales."

Daniels made the comments in an online post.

His remarks have been condemned by Blackpool's tourism bosses.

Mr Lever has no concerns the 2012 World Magic Convention will be a huge success – with or without Daniels' support.

He said: The 2012 event is going to be fantastic.

"And our convention sells out every year.

"If Paul Daniels could fill the Opera House with 3,000 people like the Blackpool Magicians Club do every year would he be in a position to comment."

In May, a charity show – Stairway to the Stars, featuring Daniels and wife Debbie McGee – was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

The World Championship of Magic is held every three years by FISM and this year was held at the Chinese National Convention Centre in Beijing.

When the Gazette contacted Daniel over his remarks, he said he could not make any comment as he had a deal with national newspapers.