‘Turn lights off for good’

Plymouth Road roundabout
Plymouth Road roundabout
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Transport chiefs are to consider whether to ditch traffic lights altogether at a major resort junction.

Works are currently ongoing to replace the traffic lights at the Plymouth Road roundabout, in Layton.

But commuters and nearby residents have called on the authority to not bother bringing them back, saying traffic in the area now flows more freely as a result.

Mark Clifford, 45, from nearby Poulton Road, Highfurlong, said: “It’s just common sense because when the traffic lights fail the traffic just flows beautifully.

“There’s always been backlogs there but, for once, while they’re trying to sort it out, it works perfectly.

“Lots of people in the area have said so and I’ve heard it said three or four times to me.

“At peak times it’s completely changed and if they got all the roadworks out of the way it’d be even better.”

The roundabout falls at the junction of Plymouth Road, Poulton Road, St Walburga’s Road and Westcliffe Drive – performing as a major traffic island between Poulton and Blackpool town centre, as well as Blackpool Victoria Hospital and the north of the resort.

Motorists have taken to the internet to encourage Blackpool Council to make the change.

Commenting on the authority’s Facebook page, David Gregory said: “Leave them down.

“I’ve never had such a stress-free commute to work since the lights have been out.

“Traffic flows freely, no tailbacks.

“What this roundabout needs is a more intelligent solution to the pedestrian crossing and cycle lanes.

“That’s obviously the only justification for even having lights there, as without lights, there is simply no congestion, even at peak times.”

Coun John Jones, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We’ve had a large amount of feedback regarding Plymouth Road roundabout and, as a result, we are reviewing the matter.

“While we are aware that traffic flows have improved, we must also take into account pedestrian safety as an important priority.”

Work is due to finish on the traffic signals on June 9.