Heroes drag dog search man from sea

Brent Kenny (right) and Daniel Farnworth at the site of the rescue.
Brent Kenny (right) and Daniel Farnworth at the site of the rescue.
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THESE are the two hero paramedics who risked their lives to stage a dramatic rescue and pluck an unconscious man from the sea.

A 27-year-old jumped into rough seas near North Pier after his dog entered the water.

The drama happened as thousands of people flocked to the resort for Ride The Lights on the Promenade.

Around 500 horrified onlookers watched as the man flailed in the water and screamed for help.

Paramedics Brent Kenny, from Lytham, and Daniel Farnworth, from Kirkham, were flagged down by the frantic crowd as they raced to another emergency call.

Mr Kenny said: “It was clear straightaway this was a serious situation. People were screaming about a man face down in the sea.

“He was about 20 metres out, one arm in the air, waving and screaming for help.

“The sea was really rough, like it always is there, and the waves were bashing his head against the wall.

“He lost consciousness a few seconds later and we knew we were in trouble.”

Amazingly, Mr Kenny, who has been a paramedic for two years, managed to hurl a life ring which looped over the man’s head.

He said: “It was a last-ditch try. We were at the bottom of the sea wall, with the waves hitting us, and a man with his head underwater.

“I dread to think what would have happened if that throw had missed.”

Mr Kenny and Mr Farnworth managed to haul the man in and used life-saving techniques and a defibrillator to revive him.

Mr Kenny added: “He was in cardiac arrest when we got him into the ambulance and I can’t tell you what a wonderful moment it was when he came round.

“In fact by the time we’d got him to hospital, he was actually able to thank us.

“I couldn’t get to sleep last night for thinking about it.

“I know we took a risk going so close to the water – and I’ve got a wife and a 16-month-old son – but we’re paid to save lives and that’s what we did.”

Dave Rigby, North West Ambulance Service manager for Fylde, said “I am extremely proud and full of admiration for both Brent and Dan, who acted with great courage and professionalism in doing all they could for the patient.”

As the rescue was in full flow, the man’s dog crawled out of the water and ran to safety. Passers-by Danny Barrot and Charlie Smith have been praised for their part in the rescue.

The Blackpool pair were taking part in Ride The Lights when they spotted the commotion and helped the paramedics drag the man from the water.

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