Council saddles up for Prom cycle warning

One of the thousands of cyclists who enjoyed last year's Ride The Lights
One of the thousands of cyclists who enjoyed last year's Ride The Lights
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MEASURES are to be taken to ensure cyclists do not collide with pedestrians on one of the busiest parts of Blackpool Promenade.

The move follows police warnings that unless action is taken, there is a risk of someone getting injured on the area in front of The Tower.

Now transport chiefs are to install signage on the Tower Festival Headland directing cyclists to the west of the Comedy Carpet and Festival House.

Since the new headlands were built, the Prom has become increasingly popular with people on bicyles.

But Sgt Pete Beresford, road policing sergeant for Blackpool and Fylde, raised fears about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using the shared space.

In response to consultation by Blackpool Council on the issue, he said: “The Promenade is a great space for all ages to go for a walk, but the very young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

“Speed cyclists increase the risk and we have the added factor of dogs either on or off leads.

“Other risks include skateboards versus cycles and people playing ball games etc.”

In an email to the council Sgt Beresford added he was “concerned there is a real risk to pedestrians being hit and injured by a cyclist.”

Blackpool Council says it believes the shared space does work but has agreed to direct cyclists away from the Comedy Carpet.

A report to councillors says: “After consideration, council officers have proposed additional cyclist directional signage and concrete plaques be installed, which will direct cyclists around certain pinch points, for example the lifeboat station, to the west of the Comedy Carpet, and west of Festival House.”

It adds: “Experience has showed the risk of collision is low.”

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