Uncertain future for road accident victim grandma

Scene of the crash on Squires Gate Lane in South Shore, where a Maureen Langley (below) was hit by a car.

Scene of the crash on Squires Gate Lane in South Shore, where a Maureen Langley (below) was hit by a car.


A grandmother knocked over as she crossed the road says she hopes to move on with her life in 2014 – as the culprit remains at large.

Maureen Langley, 64, was left with a devastating leg injury after she was hit by a car on Squires Gate Lane, South Shore, in March.

Mother-of-two Mrs Langley, of Elaine Street, Marton, spent 12 weeks in hospital recovering from her badly broken ankle, but nobody has ever been caught in connection with the crash.

Police believe the car which hit the grandmother-of-five was racing and was described as going ‘60 or 70mph’ in a 30mph zone.

She is making slow progress and has only just managed to start walking with crutches in November after doctors put six screws and two plates in her ankle.

Mrs Langley, who used to work in a nursing home, wants to get back on her feet as soon as possible.

She said: “My leg is still very sore. But my hopes for the new year are that I get better as much as I can.

“My job working in the nursing home was 12 hours a day and I don’t think I will be able to go back, but I haven’t handed my notice in just yet.

“The doctors did a great job because they thought it might have to be amputated at one point, but I have still got my leg.

“I just want to concentrate on getting myself better but everytime I look at my leg I think ‘Oh my God’ because it has all come from this accident.”

Mrs Langley left Preston Royal Hospital after 12 weeks to find her life turned upside down.

Her bed was moved into the living room of her Marton home because she could not climb the stairs while her two daughters had to take on the responsibility of caring for her.

She added: “I suppose I’m lucky after what happened but there’s lots of things I can’t do.

“It’s hard going upstairs but if I get up and get hold of the crutches I’m usually OK.

“When I go outdoors I’m weak even though I’m on painkillers.”

Anyone with information about the incident on March 14 should call police on 101.

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