Inches from death... in miracle escape

The impaled car in a field near Union Lane, Pilling after the crash.

The impaled car in a field near Union Lane, Pilling after the crash.

  • by Alex Ross

THIS shocking image shows how close a Fylde coast motorist came to death after a fence post speared the windscreen of his car.

The car left the road and skidded through a fence and into a field on Lancaster Road, Pilling.

A wooden fence post on the boundary of the farm pierced the 4x4’s windscreen – narrowly missing the driver.

Police believe the car, which was not carrying any passengers, spun off the road and came to a halt in a farmer’s field.

Cyclist Neal Philo, 48, of Alexandria Drive, St Annes, arrived on the scene moments after the crash and saw the man, who he described as between 18 and 20-years-old, being driven away from the field.

He said: “He is a very lucky young man because it looks like he was two feet away from death.

“I saw him getting into a car and I thought there’s one lucky young man. It must have hit very hard to get the post through the windscreen.

“He’s had a lucky escape. It’s not the first time a 4x4 has gone off on that road.”

Residents on nearby Union Lane, Pilling, described their shock. Colin Savin, a farmer, added: “It’s dramatic the way the fence has gone straight through the windscreen.

“If there was a passenger in the front seat they would have been lucky to escape with their life.”

Eileen Stafford, 40, of Union Lane, added: “The car is completely devastated and the way the wood has smashed through the windscreen is horrific. I don’t know how somebody hasn’t died.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed the driver and owner of the fence had swapped details but no further action was planned. She added: “We had a call about a Honda CR-V found in a field from someone concerned about potential injuries.

“There was extensive damage to the vehicle but because it was not obstructing traffic, we didn’t have it moved.

“It looks like this is a very lucky driver.”

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