Car crashes into resort salon

The car crashed into the salon window in Church Street. Below: Hairdresser Manni Samra

The car crashed into the salon window in Church Street. Below: Hairdresser Manni Samra

This was the scene when a car smashed into a Blackpool hair salon in what staff have described as a “lucky” escape.

Flute Hairdressing, on Church Street, was closed when the black car ploughed into the front wall, breaking a window in the process.

Smashed glass was strewn across the pavement and floor of the salon following the collision.

The building was left with minor damage, after shards of glass tore the wallpaper and the force of the car bent the window frame out of shape, but it avoided any major structural problems.

Staff said they were told the driver of the vehicle had mistakenly put her foot on the accelerator, instead of the brake, causing the car to lurch forward towards the building.

It mounted the pavement before hurtling into the wall of the salon, staff said.

Manni Samra, who works as a hairdresser at the salon, said she couldn’t believe when she got a call telling her what had happened.

She said: “We were closed at the time, fortunately.

“One of the guys who works next door to us rang up and told us.

“It was lucky nobody was around.”

The incident happened at lunchtime on Tuesday in a busy area of town.

If it had been another day, Miss Samra said, the salon could have been full of people.

Instead, she ended up coming in on her day off to clear up the mess.

She added: “We are normally closed on Tuesdays.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard.

“I had a nail appointment at the time and I said ‘I’m not making excuses but there’s a car in the salon and I have to go down’.

“It was quite a big job clearing up, we couldn’t get it boarded up until teatime.

“It is quiet a busy road as well. There is hardly ever a time nobody walks past – so it’s amazing no-one was hurt.”

However, despite the damage, the salon was able to open up yesterday – albeit with a boarded up window.

Miss Samra said: “The police told us she had put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police, said: “Officers attended the incident where an elderly female driver was shaken and shocked after colliding with shop front. She had no obvious injuries.

“The vehicle was recovered but no investigation is taking place.”

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