Tourism bosses rubbish unfriendly report

Blackpool attracts big crowds ' and we treat them well, say our tourism experts.
Blackpool attracts big crowds ' and we treat them well, say our tourism experts.
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TOURISM chiefs have rubbished a new survey which said Britain is unfriendly towards British holidaymakers.

The report by found more than half of people surveyed earlier this month thought fellow Brits were less welcoming towards tourists than in other destinations.

But John Child, managing director of Sandcastle water park, said the welcome tourists receive in Blackpool is only getting better.

He said: “It used to be good but it’s even better now and there is some fantastic service here.

“We train all our staff to be polite and flexible.”

John, who has lectured in the USA on the subject of providing good guest service, believes the results of the survey is just a case of British people trying to do themselves down.

He said: “I’m quite well travelled. I’ve been through the UK and I’ve seen some excellent guest service here.

“People spend most of their time in the UK and because they’ve got more examples of being treated badly in their daily lives. If you live here 50 weeks a year that’s bound to happen.”

Claire Smith, president of Stay Blackpool, described the research as lacking credibility.

She said: “In Blackpool the vast majority of our visitors are from the UK and being warm and welcoming is what we do very well.

“I just think it’s one of those daft, off the wall surveys and I wouldn’t put any credibility to it at all.”

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