Tot left in pain after op halted

Mckenzie Hutton with his mother Khristy Wood.
Mckenzie Hutton with his mother Khristy Wood.

A TODDLER crippled by scoliosis has been left to suffer longer after a vital operation was cancelled at short notice.

One-year-old Mckenzie Hutton, has suffered with a 90 per cent scoliosis of his spine since he was just 12 weeks old.

Mckenzie Hutton

Mckenzie Hutton

His mother Khristy Wood said she was astounded when an operation, intended to ease his pain, was cancelled by Alder Hey Hospital last Friday.

Mckenzie was due to undergo the procedure to repair a severed cord in his spine on Wednesday, but the operation was cancelled due to maintenance works at the Liverpool hospital.

Ms Wood, of Dinmore Avenue, Grange Park, said she is at the end of her tether as her child suffers in silence.

She said: “It’s affecting his life.

“It’s delaying him having physio and a surgical jacket fitted to support his back.”

Mckenzie also has a growth in his lower back which doctors say they cannot look at until the severed cord is repaired.

Ms Wood added: “The growth is the same size as a golf ball. The doctor says it’s not a cyst but they don’t know until they check it.

“I just want the operation done and to know what the growth is.”

A spokesman for Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said they were carrying out vital maintenance work at the hospital.

She added: “One theatre is temporarily out of use to carry out maintenance and upgrades.

“We regret that we have had to rearrange surgeries for patients.

“Safety is paramount at Alder Hey and it is therefore vital this maintenance is completed to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment.

“We apologise for inconvenience this may cause and are aiming to arrange another date for surgery soon.”

But Ms Wood said she feels let down once again by the hospital.

She added: “The growth and the severed cord only came up in the last few months.

“The last MRI scan they did didn’t scan far enough down his back so missed it.

“You can see that it’s hurting him.”

Bosses at Alder Hey have now said they are working to arrange a new date for Mckenzie as soon as possible.

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