Time to get tough

MP Paul Maynard
MP Paul Maynard
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TOUGHER community sentences are set to be introduced as the Government attempts to ease pressure on prisons.

Under the proposals, more than 100,000 people could be made to wear electronic tags, which could see them diverted from serving a prison sentence.

Dave Past, owner of the Cresta Hotel, on Withnell Road, South Shore, is a campaigner for tougher anti social behaviour laws.

He told The Gazette: “Tags are good because they keep people where they are supposed to be and if they are not at home then the police are aware.

“The system does need overhauling and if they are in tags it would make them behave.

“Giving people an anti social behaviour order (ASBO) didn’t work and they were treated more like medals – people could do whatever they wanted as long as they weren’t caught.

John Raine, chairman of the Mereside Tenants and Residents Association, has accused the Government of being too lenient on offenders.

He added: “As far as I’m concerned if you do the crime you do the time.

“You won’t change habitual criminals who commit small crimes and petty thefts if they are given a tag.

Paul Maynard, Conservative MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, added: “, but which also makes it more likely they can be rehabilitated and put something back into their community.”