Things keep on getting better at most improved primary school

THINGS just keep getting better at Kincraig Primary School.

The Bispham school is officially the most improved primary in Blackpool. Last year it was named as one of the 200 most improved schools in the country.

It's an impressive reversal of fortune for a school which was described as having "serious weaknesses" by Ofsted inspectors in 2001.

Kincraig has piled on an impressive 65 points since last year to climb up the league tables after 69 per cent of its pupils reached the required standard in English, 72 per cent achieved it in maths and 93 per cent in science.

But headteacher Beverly Hull has no intention of resting on her laurels.

She said: "Obviously we are delighted but we are not complacent.

"It reflects a great deal of hard work by many people connected with the school.

"At the forefront, obviously, are the pupils and the teachers but support staff, parents, governors and the local authority have also played a vital role."

Mrs Hull, who has been head at the school on Kincraig Road for three years, believes the improvements will continue.


She said: "Everyone is committed to carrying on growing.

"Every year group is different and so the results are bound to go up and down every year to some extent but we know Kincraig has made great strides since the Ofsted inspection four years ago.

"It is nice to see the improvements being reflected in the results.

"I have some excellent teachers here and some high quality lessons and the children are really responding to the changes.

"We have put lots of plans and programmes in place to ensure educational standards went up. We have also put a lot of effort into creating a settled, happy environment for our children.

"There are areas where we can still improve and we are focused on those areas.

"Historically Kincraig has had a high mobile population with children joining us at different stages of their school life. It's important they settle in and make friends quickly and that we have ways of assessing what stage they are at and how we can get them to achieve their best.

"Our job as a school is to get the best from all our pupils and that is what we will continue to do."