There’s nothing hotter than ice!

Image from Hot Ice Show 2011
Image from Hot Ice Show 2011
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SEQUINS, satin and sensational skating skills at the ready – this year’s Hot Ice show is set to take Blackpool by storm.

The new production will throw open its doors for the first time tonight with the 30-strong cast promising a more daring, thrilling and exciting performance than ever before.

Pleasure Beach boss and Hot Ice director Amanda Thompson hopes local residents will be inspired to join visitors in flocking to see the show.

She said: “I really want all the people who live in Blackpool to buy into this – they’re lucky to have this type of show on their doorstep.

“It’s something really special, really exciting and it’s part of Blackpool’s history and heritage it’s been going so many years.

“If the residents get excited there’s no way visitors aren’t going to get excited.”

It takes Amanda more than a year to plan the show, and different mixes of skaters are chosen each year to ensure a varied and exciting programme.

She added: “It’s totally different to any other show because it’s so fast.

“I’m eager with anticipation about what could happen on opening night. Hopefully all the hours of rehearsal pay off.”

Putting the dancers through their paces during those rehearsals was choreographer Oula Jaaskelainen, who was a Hot Ice dancer for 12 years.

He said: “The standard of skaters is just incredible. We’ve got brilliant male skaters and there’s a couple of numbers I really like.

“We’re working with ice and you have to be really creative.”

This year’s show is dedicated to ice skating legend Betty Callaway, who spent five years in Hot Ice and coached Torville and Dean to gold medal success.

Local residents with FY or PR postcodes can get buy-one-get-one-free tickets to the show every Friday in July by logging onto and using code 11207 to book online.