The ‘safest’ way to store petrol – don’t!

Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson
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FIRE chiefs have advised Fylde coast residents not to stockpile petrol following recent Government advice to the contrary.

It has since been announced that no strike action would take place over the Easter holiday.

Mr Richardson said: “It’s understandable that people may be worried about the impact of a potential shortage of petrol, but we would advise not to store large amounts of petrol at home. Petrol can be a dangerous substance that gives off flammable vapour, needing careful handling and proper storage.

“If people feel it is necessary to store fuel at home, they should do this in sheds, garages or outbuildings – never inside the home.

“Containers should be specifically designed for the purposes of holding petrol and be clearly marked “Petroleum Spirit – Highly Flammable.

“Containers should be kept away from any means of ignition and people shouldn’t smoke when using it. Care should be taken when decanting the fuel to minimise spills and an appropriate spout or funnel should be used.

“Storage of petrol at home is not without hazard, our advice is to carefully consider whether you really need to do it.”