The doctor will see you now

The Plague Doctor (from Blackpool's Tower Dungeon) and her assistant on Blackpool promenade
The Plague Doctor (from Blackpool's Tower Dungeon) and her assistant on Blackpool promenade
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THERE was no need for an appointment when this medic stepped out of nightmares and onto Blackpool Promenade!

The Plague Doctor from the Tower Dungeon was out and about searching for real life stories from the days of the Black Death.

Joined by her assistant, the medieval medic was also greeting locals with a grisly selection of plague cures.

Squeamish visitors to the attraction came face to face with live leeches, an old medieval cure for many ills, including draining out the “bad blood” of the plague.

Garry Blackadder, General Manager of the Blackpool Tower Dungeon said: “We pride ourselves on bringing our most horrible history vividly back to life.

“We have live actors, special effects and a ride, all of which are based on authentic Lancashire history.

“Plague Season will transport visitors back to the dark times of the Great Plague.

“To make it as real as possible, we are sending our plague doctor to as many villages and towns as possible to gather stories of what life was like in those villages when they were under siege by plague.”

All those who met the plague doctor with an authentic historical plague story about their area received a ticket to visit the Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

Dubbed the biggest serial killer in history, Lancashire’s Great Plague in the 1300s struck terror into every household across the country.

With most villages having their own individual plague history, stories of those bleak times still echo through the centuries.

Merlin Entertainments launched the Blackpool Tower Dungeon last year focusing on Lancashire history.

Although tongue-in-cheek, the attraction tries to use authentic points of reference