Thanks as heroes foil pension grab

88 year-old Alice Eastwood from South Shore
88 year-old Alice Eastwood from South Shore
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A WOMAN today thanked two have-a-go heroes after they chased a robber who snatched her 88-year-old mother’s pension from her hands.

Alice Eastwood had just collected the money from the Halifax branch on Lytham Road, Blackpool, when the cold-hearted thief struck.

The pensioner was sat inside the bank counting the cash into her purse when the robber ran in and snatched it from her.

As he tried to escape two customers at the bank gave chase and managed to pin the man on the ground.

But when one of them went to call police, the raider managed to struggle free and ran into a nearby flat.

Police later arrested a man in connection with the theft which happened at around 10am on Thursday.

Today, Mrs Eastwood’s daughter Vicky Cunningham said: “We are furious somebody would target my mum in this way.

“Anybody who tries to rob an elderly person as they collect their pension is just scum.

“Mum is very badly shaken and says she didn’t sleep a wink the night after it.

“I’m so glad she wasn’t targeted outside because she could have fallen and really been hurt.

“I am just incredibly grateful to the two men who stepped in to help her. So many people would be afraid to get involved in these kind of situations but these are true heroes in my eyes.

“I’d love them to get in touch so I can thank them in person for helping my mum.”

Police were able to recover Mrs Eastwood’s purse so she was given her pension back.

Her Alsatian dog Dallas normally accompanies her when she goes to collect her pension but he was with a relative on Thursday so she travelled alone.

Mrs Eastwood said: “It all happened so fast, at first I didn’t understand what was happening.

“I was sitting counting money into my purse and it was grabbed out of my hand, it was a terrible shock.

“I thought it was safe inside the bank.

“I feel a bit shaken up, I’m not a soft woman.

“But I don’t really feel like going out. I’m just glad he was caught so he can’t do this to anybody else.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We are grateful to the members of the public who gave chase to this man and were able to pass on vital information to the police about his location.

“Although this is something we wouldn’t recommend people do, their brave actions have certainly played a major role in bringing this offender to justice and we thank them for their support.”

The thief was pursued by witnesses and a man was later arrested in connection with the incident.”