Talks on dog control

Eileen Frain with dog Echo
Eileen Frain with dog Echo
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COUNCIL bosses have agreed to speak to dog owners about ways to reduce a rather unpleasant problem.

Wyre Council introduced five controversial dog orders which limited the number of animals being walked at one time and where dogs could be walked or let off a lead.

Invites encouraging parish councils to talk with the council about the control of dogs have now been sent out and meetings will be arranged.

Coun Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for animal welfare, said: “Although as a council we feel dog control orders are currently the best option for Wyre, we will consider additional measures people put forward.

“For years residents have told us dog fouling and dog nuisance have spoilt their neighbourhoods and we are determined to get tough on the irresponsible few that cause it.

“I am delighted that, together, we will focus our efforts on developing a robust system supported by a high profile campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership across the borough.

“This will ultimately dramatically reduce the amount of dog fouling on the streets of Wyre which is undoubtedly our residents’ top priority.”

Two pilot programmes have already been agreed for Fleetwood and Cleveleys where responsible dog owners will act as ambassadors passing on advice and scoop bags to anyone they meet who does not clean up after their dog.

Eileen Frain, a representative from Cleveleys Park, said: “Our priority has always been to promote responsible dog ownership and work to protect dog access within the borough.”

Miss Frain believes schemes such as the Green Dog Walkers Scheme in Scotland – a project that uses volunteers to spread a responsible ownership message and Hampshire’s traffic light scheme should implemented in Wyre.

She sad: “Dog owners can have there own informal code of conduct in place in parks such as, pick up after your dog, respect other park users, keep your dog under close control, give precedence to children using the football field and don’t let your dog disrupt their activities.”