Spray tactics to halt fly tippers

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THE war against fly-tipping has been stepped up in a bid to fine people who allow their waste to be dumped in lay-bys and fields.

Rubbish found piled up in back alleys is now set to be targeted by Fylde Council officers and sprayed with Smartwater, a genetically coded tracking substance, so if it is ever found dumped, officers will know where it has come from.

And it means residents who do not dispose of their waste properly will now be easier to find – and slapped with £5,000 fines.

Mike Walker, the council’s public protection officer, said: “Although households can dispose free of charge at waste recycling centres, there’s the issue of getting from your home to these sites.

“And if you do have to pay for the disposal of the waste, given the economic climate people want it done as cheaply as possible.

“If someone turns up and says they will take the big pile of waste away for £25, the general public doesn’t always have a clue how much it realistically costs to dispose of – it might be twice that.”

The closure of St Annes Household Waste Recycling Centre has been cited by some local councillors as one of the reasons fly-tipping remains a “major problem” for Fylde.

Residents must travel to the Saltcotes site in Lytham to use the tip or pay a small charge to the council for bulky items.

Phil Dent, the council’s principal environmental health officer, added: “We have successfully prosecuted a number of people but the number of incidents in Fylde is not decreasing.

“We have purchased Smartwater and will be spraying suspect loads as well as actively pursuing any resident who allows waste to be taken by a non-registered carrier.”

To report fly-tipping call (01253) 658657.