Spotlight on illegal work by children

Young girl on her paper round in Blackpool
Young girl on her paper round in Blackpool
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CHILDREN working illegally in Fylde and Wyre will be the subject under the spotlight as part of Child Employment Fortnight.

Officers from Lancashire County Council will be out and about in the county until April 8 to ensure youngsters are not working in illegal or dangerous situations.

During Child Employment Fortnight last year more than 3,300 employers were visited and out of 1,092 children found working, 374 of these were being employed illegally, mostly without the necessary work permit.

The work permit allows the authority to monitor hours worked and the occupation in which they are employed.

Sandra Rothwell, senior child employment officer at Lancashire County Council, said: “Many young people benefit from part-time working , child employment laws safeguard the education, health and welfare of school-age employees.

“This isn’t about putting obstacles in their way, but making sure they’re employed in the right sort of jobs for reasonable hours so their education and health do not suffer.

“A lack of awareness and understanding is leaving young people vulnerable to exploitation and injury.

“We want to use this fortnight to make sure that more employers in Lancashire know what they have to do to comply with the law.

For further information, contact Sandra Rothwell at Lancashire County Council on (01772) 532666.