Sophie’s fairy tale Jubilee...

Sophie Deveney with some of her Royal souvenirs.
Sophie Deveney with some of her Royal souvenirs.
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IS this the Fylde’s youngest Royalist?

Sophie Deveney cannot get enough of any material related to The Queen and her family – as shown by the wealth of Royal memorabilia on display at her home in Cross Street, St Annes.

And the five-year-old Heyhouses School pupil has even written a letter to Her Majesty telling her how much she would love to live in a palace just like her.

Mum Katie said: “Sophie just loves everything to do with the Royal family.

“She spends every single moment watching royal DVDs, especially weddings, and searching for new Royal memorabilia and she loves spending her pocket money on it.”

Sophie’s passion for all matters Royal started when she learned all about the late Princess Diana while in reception class at Heyhouses last year.


Her mum added: “They have a memorial garden there and Sophie was fascinated to hear all about Diana and her life as the People’s Princess.

“She couldn’t stop talking about her when she came home and starting collecting as much as she could find about her.

“Soon after that, she really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine on TV last year and her interest spread to that and then rapidly to the rest of the Royal family, especially the Queen.

“Her room is packed with all sorts of souvenirs and she is really looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations to say the very least.”

Sophie will spend Jubilee day next week at a private party with friends, complete with a bouncy castle, plenty of food and suitably red, white and blue celebratory bunting.