Snakes alive... but no hamsters

Simon Tottoh and Jamie Hardie at Chameleoco Exotics with two Panther Chameleons

Simon Tottoh and Jamie Hardie at Chameleoco Exotics with two Panther Chameleons

Have you ever been to a pet shop without “fur or feather” in sight?

A new business set up in Kirkham, which deals exclusively with exotic animals such as snakes, lizards and insects, is hoping to increase the scale of its operation in more ways than one.

Chameleoco Pets set up on the town’s Progress business estate eight weeks ago, and already its owners hope to cater for educational visits from schools and other organisations.

James Hardie, who runs the business with business partner Simon Tottom, says reaction to their new venture so far has been positive.

He said: “Everybody seems happy with the layout.

“We cater for near enough whatever people’s interests are, although we’re trying to promote big snakes for people who aren’t familiar with them.

“More people have gone for more exotic pets in the last few years because the technology’s available so there’s less strain on taking them from the wild, and you can give them long and satisfying lives in captivity.

“It’s down to a bit of a change in the way people are going with the pets they want to keep.”

James hopes the business can help to inform animal lovers about all things scaly, and hosted a talk on Saturday afternoon from reptile expert Andrew Gray, from the Manchester Museum.

He added: “We wanted to go down the educational route too, creating awareness and getting into the public sector with school trips.”




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