Shock at mum’s fatal overdose

Anne Hind - Blackpool and Fylde Coroner.
Anne Hind - Blackpool and Fylde Coroner.
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A GRIEVING dad has paid tribute to a nurse who took her own life with a fatal overdose.

Lindy Birtwistle took the deadly dose of pills at her ex-husband’s Freckleton home while her son slept in the same room.

Today her dad, Anthony Birtwistle, said his daughter’s death in October last year came as a huge shock to the family.

Speaking after the inquest in Blackpool, Mr Birtwistle, from Carlisle, said: “She was a nurse and she was a lovely lass.

“She was a good worker, everybody liked her.

“She had problems in her relationships but everyone has problems, and it was a big shock (when she died).

“I never thought my Lindy would do anything like that. She was a lovely lass, I loved her.”

Mrs Birtwistle, 47, was at the home of her ex-husband Andrew Owler, when she took the overdose.

At her inquest Mr Owler described how he came home one night to find all the lights on and the door unlocked.

He said: “This came as a surprise and on entrance to the property I shouted ‘hello’.

“I saw my son’s coat but got no reply.

“I found Lindy slumped by the bedroom cabinet, with her face nearly touching the floor and I noticed my son fast asleep in the bed next to her.”

Mr Owler had earlier told the hearing he had been separated from Lindy for around a year, during which time she had embarked on another relationship which broke down.

He said he and Lindy had then decided to give their relationship another go, but after a short time she told him she had met an old school friend and had subsequently moved out to set up home with him.

Consultant pathologist Mark Sissons told the inquest Mrs Birtwistle had died after overdosing on codeine, paracetamol, diazepam and a beta-blocker.

Each of the drugs was present in her system at a level high enough to kill her.

Recording the verdict, Blackpool coroner Anne Hind said: “She clearly did know what she was doing and she took her own life.”