Seal of approval for military ID cards

Julian Mineur from Supporting Our Brave and Landlord of Ma Kelly's Mick Sugden
Julian Mineur from Supporting Our Brave and Landlord of Ma Kelly's Mick Sugden
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PUB bosses have given their approval for licensed premises in Blackpool to accept military ID as a recognised form of proof of age.

Around 100 licensees were present at a Blackpool PubWatch meeting to hear Supporting Our Brave project manager, Julian Mineur, put the case forward about accepting the military card in local pub, clubs and bars.

It follows a storm over forms of proof of age which exploded nationally after three soldiers were refused entry to Ma Kelly’s on Talbot Road because they only carried military ID to show they were over 18.

The bar’s landlord, Mick Sugden, said the premises supports servicemen and the incident only happened because his staff were forced to follow licensing guidelines.

Now Supporting Our Brave is hoping to promote military ID (HMID) as a recognised proof of age card.

Mr Mineur said: “When I heard about what happened to the three soldiers, it made us look at using the HMID as a proof of age card.”

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Home Office guidance states age verification ID should include a photograph, date of birth and hologram and gives examples as a photo card driving licence and passport.

Mr Mineur added: “The HMID carries the three examples plus the rank of the card holder, their service number their height as well as expiry date. In fact it is more secure than any other card currently accepted. The simple answer to verify the card holder is to ask them to recite their service number. All service personnel must know their service number.”

Supporting Our Brave will offer training, guidance and proof of age signs for premises which wish to accept military ID as proof of age.

Craig Southall, chairman of Blackpool PubWatch, said: “This is well overdue. While it is the licensed premises that decide what is and is not permitted as proof of age card, to have this endorsed and approved by the authorities here is a bonus.

“The fact Supporting Our Brave will run the project which will include relevant posters, training guides and staff training if required will mean everybody will get the right information.”

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