Runners who used fence as toilet ‘selfish’

Pensioner Christine Pearson shows the fence runners relieved themselves against.
Pensioner Christine Pearson shows the fence runners relieved themselves against.
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A pensioner has branded runners who urinated against her fence before the Blackpool Marathon as “absolutely disgusting”.

Christine Pearson, 79, of Hyde Road, Blackpool, found several men relieving themselves outside her home ahead of the race on Sunday morning.

She says she tried shouting at them to try and move them away, but they continued regardless.

She said: “It was absolutely disgusting. The car park was full of families and these men were outside my house relieving themselves against the fence.

“There seemed to be very few toilet facilities and I just cannot believe they did this.

“I was fortunate I couldn’t see anything apart from their faces above the fence.

“I shouted at them to go away and threatened to call the police but they ignored me.”

Race organiser Rob McAndrew, said the incident was “unfortunate”.

He said: “Unfortunately we get a few selfish runners that do it. But let’s not forget what Paula Radcliffe did a few years ago in the London Marathon when she went to the toilet in the street in front of thousands watching live and millions more on television – it can happen.

“We can’t control that – we can’t watch everyone. There were between 1,600 and 1,800 runners.

“There were toilets on the course at Red Bank Road.

“We had 56 toilets at Bloomfield Road for men and more than 40 for women.

“We provided all the equipment as specified by the British Athletics Organisation, which say there should be one toilet for every 75 runners.”

‘It’s unfortunate – I will write her an apology’

Organiser Rob McAndrew said the marathon had been a great success with thousands of runners taking part, but offered to apologise to Mrs Pearson and write to her personally. He added: “It was an unfortunate incident and if Mrs Pearson wishes to get in touch at Fylde Coast Running I will happily write an apology to her. 
As I said, the incident was out of our control, 
especially when dealing with so many people. 
But I will happily write to her should she request I do so.”

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