Rockers too loud for villagers’ ears

KEQMS Ball in new marquee at The Villa
KEQMS Ball in new marquee at The Villa
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A ROCK band playing at a Wrea Green hotel for a public school ball prompted complaints about noise from village residents.

The owners of The Villa Hotel thought the live group on the bill played gentle acoustic music, but it turned out to be rockers The Coustics.

The band was caught playing illegally in the marquee section of the country hotel for the King Edward VII Queen Mary School Ball and the marquee doors were open at times, which they should not have been.

The company which owns the hotel, The Villa (Wrea Green) Ltd admitted two offences of breaching the hotel’s licence.

Nicola Martin, prosecuting for Fylde Council, said four people heard noise coming from The Villa from around 6pm and 7pm to about 11.40pm on July 2, which was Wrea Green’s Club Day.

The prosecutor added: “Live music was being performed from the marquee. This was not authorised in the hotel’s licence. Also doors to the marquee were open at times, another breach of the licence.”

A condition of the licence stated only music played by disc jockeys could take place in the marquee.

Gary McAnulty, defending, said the hotel had created the marquee with a special roof so music noise was channeled to the dance floor in the middle. This meant there was less noise at the side of the room so people could talk.

The ball, which was for people associated with the Lytham school, had originally been booked at another venue. When it was switched to The Villa the hotel management thought The Coustics were an acoustic type band and that the special roof on the marquee would channel the noise to the dance floor.

Mr McAnulty said: “The band turned out to be a rock band not an acoustic band. One person who complained said there had been a jazz-type noise coming from the venue about 6pm to 7pm. The band was not playing then. That was when the school orchestra was playing outside.

“Another person complained later on and when he did so it was agreed the band should stop playing.”

People had gone out through the marquee doors because it was a warm night. Special fittings had now been put on the doors to stop them remaining open.

The company was fined £750 with £170 costs and ordered to pay the £15 victims’ surcharge by District Judge Jeff Brailsford sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.