Riverdance ferry: 10 days for decision

IT'S going to be here for a while yet.

Riverdance is staying on Blackpool beach for at least another two weeks after coastguard bosses declared it will be "around 10 days," before a decision is made on what to do next with the stricken ferry.

Salvage bosses, ferry owners Seatruck Ferries Ltd and their insurance company had planned to meet last week to discuss a resolution to get the ship off the beach.

But that has now been put back and it could be more than a week before an announcement is made.

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A spokesman for the Marine and Coastguard Agency, said: "What is happening at the moment is that Hugh Shaw, (the Secretary of State's Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention) is looking at all the various options and discussing them with the salvors and insurance company.

"The ship will not be able to be refloated in the standard way but that isn't to say it won't be able to be refloated at all.

"They should have some information on what will happen going forward in around 10 days."

Riverdance has been gradually sinking onto the beach for almost two months after she ran aground on January 31 after being "broadsided," by a freak wave while sailing from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to Heysham.

Twenty-three passengers and crew were airlifted from the stricken ship.