Review: High Jinx - Horeshoe Bar, Pleasure Beach

High Jinx, starring Michael Jordan
High Jinx, starring Michael Jordan
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‘If you see the knife getting bigger, it means it’s coming towards you’.

Not a bad line and one which sums up Michael Jordan – not only can he pull off a decent trick or two, he has a bit of banter too. The magician settled into his summer season at the Pleasure Beach with an accomplished opening night performance in front of an almost sell-out crowd.

Jordan is only 22 but after twice being named the Magic Circle’s Young Musician of the Year in recent times, the lad has more talent than most.

He does a variety of clever tricks, many involving his on-stage (and off-stage partner) Tamsyn, and the pace of the show is maintained with the help of some thumping dance music and a handful of very energetic dancers from Phil Winston’s Theatreworks College in Blackpool.

The finale is the best bit - the show’s High Jinx title explained when Jordan climbs on top of a very dangerous looking three-tier unicycle (he’s so high up they have to lower the stage to prevent his head hitting the bar’s ceiling) and juggles knives and fire.

Great family fun – he’s on Wednesday to Sunday until November 3.