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Fylde Town Hall
Fylde Town Hall
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A SURVEY is being conducted, asking residents what they think of the council services they pay for.

People living under the remit of Fylde Council will be able to rate its performance on bins and recycling, parks, street cleanliness, customer service, community safety and Fylde generally as a place to live.

The residents’ survey will be completed online.

Council leader David Eaves said: “We need to know what people think of the services they pay for so we can improve. Councillors and staff believe the services are good but we have to be honest with ourselves. It is the public we serve; they pay the bills and their views are usually correct.

“Members of the public pay for local services and we want to make sure they get value for money. We will look carefully at the results and see what, if anything, we should change.

“It is fair to say previous surveys have shown people viewed the council as distant and unresponsive. Councillors and staff have made great efforts to change that.”

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