Pupil’s creation for pages of new book

Declan Harney with  Ruby Mae, Alice Leaper, and Callum Fletcher and (below) Alice's winning design.
Declan Harney with Ruby Mae, Alice Leaper, and Callum Fletcher and (below) Alice's winning design.

AN ARTISTIC pupil’s illustrations will feature in the next book from a popular children’s author.

The fantasy world of Treebob has captured the imagination of thousands of youngsters since it was first published by Lancashire author Declan Harney in 2010.

Alice Leaper's winning design

Alice Leaper's winning design

The light-hearted and educational tales about two witches – Badlot Barbara and Rotten Rena – proved to be an instant success for the writer following his first book – Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks.

It’s appeal is not lost on children on the Fylde coast, including children from Strike Lane Primary School, Freckleton, who were given the chance to illustrate a page in Harney’s next novel.

The pupils were asked to use their imagination to come up with their own creation of Rotten Rena’s home for The Treebobs Rescue Rotten Rena when he recently visited the school.

Alice Slinger, nine, from Freckleton, used ideas from other fairytales to produce her winning design.

She said: “I made the home look scary and it looked like bats were coming out of it.

“The idea came from reading other fairytales and looking through my books at home.

“I was really surprised to win it and happy everyone is now going to see it.”

Patricia Merit, a special educational needs co-ordinator who organised the competition, said: “He made them very excited about writing because it’s a popular story.

“He is changing the image of writers among children and we now have boys from Years Five and Six taking on roles in Shakespeare.

“Alice is an extremely creative artist and has produced something of a very high standard.”

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