Psychic cyclist

Katie Keeley.
Katie Keeley.

MEET the psychic cyclist!

And top TV clairvoyant Katie Keeley says getting on her bike has turned her life around.

She credits her set of (two) wheels with helping her shed 20lbs, become physically fitter and lower her blood pressure.

And – with Team GB enjoying Olympic cycling success – the 53-year-old hopes her story might also help inspire other people to saddle up.

The Blackpool-based mum-of-three needs to have two operations later this year, and said she had been putting it off, but now she is fitter will be booking her slot in theatre.

Katie, who has a flat near Stanley Park, said: “I wanted to get fitter, so I started off walking, I got myself an iPod and I have two big dogs, so I went out with them. But it wasn’t enough.

“The council was having a big cycling awareness day in Stanley Park, so I decided to go along to find more.

“I got myself a bike and started cycling. My family home is in Bispham, so I regularly cycle between there and my flat, really I cycle everywhere now.

“I’m planning to take part in the regular Sky Rides in Blackpool.

“I’m doing something I really enjoy and it’s turned my life around.

“I’ve lost 20lbs, I feel physically better – my blood pressure is lower, my resting heart rate is lower.

“I have much more energy and I feel happier.

“Recently, I had an ovarian cancer scare and had some emergency tests done, which showed I am now classed as ‘physically fit.’”

Former Palatine pupil Katie is one of the stars of Sky Channel Psychic TV, Channel 886.

She divides her time between filming in London and coming home to Blackpool.

She’s done celebrity readings in the past for the like of Simon Cowell, Ant and Dec, Steven Mulhern and Kerry Katona.

She said: “I can’t believe the difference getting a bike has made to me.

“I’m quite a lazy person really, so needed something I would enjoy to get me fit.

“I’d recommend it to anyone, and think the work the council has done with cycling is brilliant.

“I often work 12-hour shifts filming and used to get very tired, but being fitter has made that easier.

“Cycling has given me a new lease of life and I would urge everyone to get on their bikes!”

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