Police fight drugs in Wyre area

Officers smash open a door in Fleetwood during a drugs raid and (below) Coun John Hodgkinson.
Officers smash open a door in Fleetwood during a drugs raid and (below) Coun John Hodgkinson.
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HUNDREDS of drug seizures have been made on Wyre’s streets - but police today stressed the fight is still ongoing.

The Gazette can reveal the borough’s most drug-ridden areas, as a mother whose son died from a overdose warned dicing with drugs is “just not worth it”.

Coun John Hodgkinson

Coun John Hodgkinson

Michael Yusuf, of London Street, Fleetwood, was 17 when he died after being poisoned by a combination of amphetamine and methadone.

It has now emerged the road has been repeatedly targeted by police - with officers striking five times in the last year to seize drugs including cocaine and amphetamine.

Michael’s mum, Belinda Yusuf, said: “I would say don’t try drugs, it’s not worth it. It ruins everyone’s lives.”

The seizures were five of more than 300 carried out across the borough as police in the area bid to crack down on those with drugs on Wyre’s streets.

Shockingly, a 15-year-old boy was found at Thornton’s Marsh Mill with heroin substitute methadone while Prudy Hill, in Poulton’s town centre, is a hot-spot for Class A drugs with one heroin and two cocaine seizures between September 2011 and August 2012.

But the biggest number of seizures was made in Cleveleys town centre, with police seizing heroin, cannabis plants and cocaine during searches on Victoria Road West.

And Jubilee ward Coun John Hodgkinson - who covers Victoria Road West - said there was an issue in the area.

He said: “There appears to be a drugs issue everywhere you go.

“There have been a few problems on Bispham Road and in the Beach Road area as well, in the flats where people come and go.

“Nobody has complained to me about drugs but the police could do more if there were more of them.”

Police in the area have stressed they carry out repeated operations to disrupt drug supply and arrest those responsible, as well as educate people in the towns.

Insp Steve Bell, Wyre’s geographic inspector, said: “There are a number of methods we use to tackle drugs. We go into schools engaging with young people and will execute rapid entry search warrants.

“Drug use has a negative effect on the whole community. There are concerns about individuals attending addresses, the fall out of anti-social behaviour from that is a concern and it effects the most vulnerable members of our community.”


Victoria Road West, Cleveleys - six seizures

London Street, Fleetwood - five seizures

Hatfield Avenue, Fleetwood - four seizures

Amounderness Way, Fleetwood - four seizures

Shakespeare Road, Fleetwood - four seizures

River Road, Thornton - four seizures


Cannabis - 180 seizures

Cocaine - 23 seizures

Heroin - 17 seizures

Amphetamine - 30 seizures

Other (including diazepam and methadone) - 63 seizures

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