Pensioner urges caution after theft

Margaret Bennison, who had her purse stolen from her handbag in her own home by a thief.
Margaret Bennison, who had her purse stolen from her handbag in her own home by a thief.
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A MARTON pensioner has urged residents to be on their guard after her purse was snatched from her handbag while she was at home.

Margaret Bennison, 78, of Moore Tree Drive, had her purse containing £30 stolen on Tuesday lunchtime as she was working in her garage.

She caught a glimpse of a man as he walked out of her garden gate and assumed he had been delivering a leaflet.

But when she checked her handbag later that day as she prepared to go shopping, she discovered her purse had gone.

Mrs Bennison said: “I really want to warn other pensioners to be on their guard from these scumbag chancers.

“I’m from a very trusting generation and have never thought twice about leaving my door open if I’m in the house.

“You would hope common decency would stop anybody from walking in and helping themselves, it’s obvious this is a pensioner’s bungalow.

“Why should we have to have our homes like a fortress?

“I’m just glad I didn’t come in and find him in my house because who knows what he might have done to me.”

Mrs Bennison believes the thief used the side door into the kitchen and went through to the living room where her handbag was.

Heartbreakingly, the purse contained two metal charms – a Cornish pixie and a Lincoln Imp – which Mrs Bennison has had since she was 15 years old.

She added: “I don’t care about my shopping money but I am very upset to lose my charms.

“I wish he would post those back as they aren’t worth anything to him.

“I’m determined not to let this make me upset or frightened in my own home but I know it could really upset other more vulnerable pensioners.

“Don’t take the chance and keep your door locked.”

Blackpool Police today confirmed the theft had been reported to them and they were investigating.

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