are a disgrace’

Photo Neil Cross'Residents of Carr Close, Pilling, fed up with the state of the pavements
Photo Neil Cross'Residents of Carr Close, Pilling, fed up with the state of the pavements
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Elderly and disabled neighbours have called for 
improvements to be made to paths around their home after several serious falls.

Residents at Carr Close, in Pilling, say they feel they aren’t being listened to over the state of pathways by housing developer Regenda.

The latest fall saw 82-year-old Frank Taylor left on the ground for around half an hour last Saturday until he was rescued by an off-duty fireman who was passing by.

“The ground was wet and it was a bit cold being on the ground.

“I was sore and cold because when I went down, I went down with a bump.”

He added: “It hasn’t just happened to me - it’s happened to others.

“Regarding the pavements, they are awful.

“They could make it a lot better.

“I’d like to see the pavements being done like they’re done on other estates.”

Last year his neighbour Patricia Rowley, 59, circulated a petition of around 20 households aiming to get Regenda to make the desired improvements, but says she has yet to hear back.

Mrs Rowley, who lives in one of the bungalows on the estate with her husband Alan, 60, said: “It’s just ridiculous because nothing gets done.

“They just don’t listen to us. Somebody could have a bad accident.

“I myself have severely brittle bones, if I fall I will break something. It’s just shocking that for disabled people like this things aren’t better maintained.

“We all look after our little bits of garden the best we can but they just can’t be bothered.”

A spokesperson for Regenda confirmed the company was investigating the incident, but did not respond to the calls for improvements to the paths.

She said: “The health and safety of our residents is of the utmost importance to Regenda. We take pride in looking after our residents and the homes they live in.

“We investigate accidents reported to us and will take any necessary action”.