Taking Stock - April 22, 2013

Original 1960's mini cooper
Original 1960's mini cooper
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Last week it was back to school for The Munchkin – how time flies.

I can hardly believe she’s already in her final term of reception class.

And hasn’t she learned a lot – some of it useful (reading is always handy and she’s already better at adding than I am) some of it not.

Over Easter she went away with her auntie for a few days.

Oh, the things she’s learned there.

The most irritating has to be the new game we have to play on every car journey.

Presumably dreamed up by the cunning marketing boys at BMW, the game basically involves spotting a certain brand of small car.

I’m not particularly good at this game. That’s partly because The Munchkin has appointed herself adjudicator and partly because I’m generally the one doing the driving –a position in which the spotting of small cars has to play second fiddle to, well, spotting everything else.

Even so, I suspect the score line of 131 to six which I was quoted on Friday may be something of a fiddle.

For a start, proper Minis (you know, the original 1960s, Italian Job type) don’t count.

Neither does the one parked outside the sandwich shop on Squires Gate Lane – and the rear view mirror is a definite no-no.

I’m sure my little contestant in the passenger seat has started learning which driveways between home and school are most likely to yield points – I suppose she gets her competitive edge from me.

I decided to try to change the rules, attempting to introduce 100 points for trams – just as I saw one rounding the corner.

After a stern ticking off (It’s not the tram game daddy), I was stripped of my grand 
total of three.

So, I’m left with the options of turning the radio up or giving up and joining in.

When it comes to Minis, it’s a big decision!