Livewire - May 16, 2012

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By Coun Paul Galley of Anchorsholme

FANCY befriending a park? Well, if you live in the Anchorsholme area or regard Anchorsholme Park as your own because you grew up in the area, or have fond memories of it, the park needs all the friends it can get right now.

It’s a community park and we want people of all ages to be involved in restoring it to one of the best in the area offering something for everyone.

It is on the verge of being restored to its 1970s heyday, with new flowers beds currently being planted, a new welcome archway installed and a Victoriana notice board about to be delivered.

The regeneration is being led by Anchorsholme ward councillors, Tony Williams and myself, working alongside the recently established Friends of Anchorsholme Park. It’s very much a community project, and already includes the girl guides and rainbow groups, but it is crucial we get more members of the community involved, from afar, or in spirit.

The Friends group was established to give local people a voice and active role in regenerating the park.

The common aim is to attract more people, and the first project is to tidy the area and plant flowers on the side of the park as you enter from Fleetwood Road.

Fittingly, the community-inspired Friends group has gone back to grassroots, appropriately enough, for the planting programme for this part of the park and created something called a Community Greenhouse approach.

This allows anyone to donate a plant or grow some plants specifically for the park.

I am really optimistic this exciting concept will allow the whole community to get involved in the restoration and, if everyone just donates one plant, it will make all the difference and utterly transform the park – and also give everyone a stake in it.

I am currently growing from seed lots of marigolds, mesembryanthemum and cosmos plants and apart from the enjoyment of growing them myself, I can’t wait to see them in the future all growing in the park.

If you would like to donate plants contact me on (01253) 826679 or email me on

Apart from community planting days the Friends are keen to involve more youth and other groups; the Guides are already signed up to adopt and plant geraniums on the little boat that once graced the waters of Stanley Park, and now resides at the Fleetwood Road entrance.

If you want to play your part the next Friends group is on Monday at 7pm at Anchorsholme Bowling Club on the park. Everyone is welcome.