Livewire - July 19, 2013

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By Jacqui Morley

It only hurts when they make cutbacks says Ian Williams of South Shore – of our ailing NHS.

Local cafe owner Ian says NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh’s review of 14 hospital trusts – including our own – held few surprises,

“What’s been said that we didn’t know already? That they have cut funding back to the point that it really hurts?”

He adds: “You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to appreciate that if you keep chopping away at a service - as the Government has with the NHS – it’s just a matter of time before it falls down. Much the same goes for councils or the police force. It will all collapse.”

Marjorie Jones of Whitegate Drive says: “I think you can see how hard the health service is working to sort things out. The Government failing to impose minimum unit prices on drink hasn’t done Blackpool any favours for all the related health issues. Yet it is very quick to criticise and not offer real help or support.

“The NHS is so special. It was our safety net, the one thing we could rely on. It was the envy of the world.

“And now it’s being let down because both Labour and the Conservatives have cut it to the bone.

“It’s no wonder things go wrong. You visit hospital and you’re lucky to see more than two nurses in a ward.

“The other day I went to see my friend who had just had a small operation.

“She should have been up and about in no time but there were complications and I couldn’t find anyone to talk to me about them or come to us when I pressed the call button when she needed to go to the bathroom. I had to help her to the toilet and she’s some weight – I’m not in good health myself. We could have both ended up in hospital!”

Janet Dawson of St Annes adds: “I think the media are blowing it out of all proportion. It’s the same everywhere, police, local authorities, education. I have every faith in all our hospitals. A friend of mine had a bypass at the Vic and couldn’t have been better treated, another was in the women’s unit and treated wonderfully. I have small niggles but if I had to go to hospital I would have every confidence in the staff and treatment there.”